The Originals 3×22 ‘The Bloody Crown’: Consequences be damned…


Sick of pure exhaustion, I laid in the dark as The Originals’ season finale played somewhere and just thought, “I’ll watch it when I wake.” So that’s what I did and it appears the Mikaelsons lived, sort of, to fight another day…sort of. Four are in boxes and one is in a wall, but I have a feeling that Hayley will spend no more than a year’s time in their world searching for cures and whatnot to free her family of Marcel’s grasp.

After balling over Marcel last week, we quickly learned that he’d taken the serum and with that the deed to the Mikaelson’s compound as well. This left them 100% unsafe. With that, Marcel and all of Klaus’ sire line entered the home, made a scene, just about took out Kol, Elijah and Freya – and later with the convincing of a returned Rebekah, put Klaus on trial for all of his horrendous behavior over the years. Really not fair because you’re supposed to be judged by a jury of your peers who have no personal connection to the case, but guess that’s not a thing in the vampires’ minds.

After all the deaths leading up to this finale, you kind of thought that at least one of the Mikaelsons would not make it out alive. Instead they all did, kind of. With Elijah and Kol destined for death due to Marcel, Freya poisoned and Rebekah’s hex going off – the witch of the bunch had to do her magic to ensure they did not die, but rather just went to into a deep slumber. Linked to Klaus’ energy (I think…) they were put to sleep with a spell and are now waiting for Hayley to find a cure while the mentally reside in the countryside as a family, minus Klaus – who managed to talk himself out of death.


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Instead of having his heart ripped out or Marcel biting him to death, Klaus was daggered with that dark magic blade and placed behind a brick wall. This was his plan all along as he needed to be alive for his siblings to be able to remain alive in their dreams. Always and forever, right? And of course they knew nothing of it as Rebekah was surprised by the end result. Even after going mad and saying all those damning things about Klaus, it was he (and Freya’s magic touch) that bought them all time.

We all know they’ll come back from this, but what I’m interested to see is how Marcel takes this now that it’s been brought to his attention by Vincent that he’s no better than “his family.” Which, Vincent and Rebekah both made clear – why are the Mikaelsons always blamed, but then when someone plays the exact same game – it’s totally different? Marcel stooped to their level to gain his city back and along the way people were hurt. He was no better than the man he placed behind the bricks, but really – you could tell it hurt him to do that. It’s getting to him that while not blood, he’s a Mikaelson at heart.

That’s it for season three ya’ll. We’ve dealt with a prophecy that I’m hoping it over and done with, lost some key characters and saw Marcel regain power over his city. What’s to come in season four? Klaus is bound to be a little peeved after his time spent behind brick and again, it’s not going to take Hayley more than a year’s time in their world to get these cures – so when we return, I’m thinking we’ll see her journey to save the Mikaelsons from dreamland, then we’ll see them fight to save Klaus and then we’ll be onto the next thing, person or force that threatens this family.

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