The Originals 3×21 ‘Give ‘Em Hell, Kid’: Like a ‘Goosebumps’ book…


…always a twist with The Originals. After sitting there in shock and tears over Marcel, it turns out he didn’t wind up like Cami and Davina. Oh no, the prophecy is still in full effect because he took that super serum and hell is about to break loose for the Mikaelsons with next week’s season finale, but first – let’s talk about this week’s episode.

Two funerals start the show. One an intimate affair that proved Davina’s closest allies were all grown men, the other a parade through the streets of New Orleans and a never ending flow of whiskey for Cami. Despite the size of the funeral, the amount of sorrow felt by those attending is always the same. Marcel and Klaus both loved the departed dearly, one as a daughter the other as a friend and lover, but at the end of the day – it’s those who’ve lost a child who seem to fight the hardest when pushed. At least that was proven when Marcel went and tricked us all.

Back to that in a second. So I really never understand what Vincent is up to. Maybe it’s because when it comes to the vampire stuff, it’s really just simple curses and vengeance, and with the witches there’s spells and magic and other worlds and whatever else it is they do in the cemetery. So he’s did something this week that cut off the ancestors from this world. With that, he and Kol went to the other side with the help of that one cop Cami brought into the mix some time ago with Lucien popped up. Vincent got what he wanted, and Kol got one last goodbye. Done and done, only with this show – nothing is ever that simple.


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Which leads us back to Marcel. After a heartfelt show of words between he and Klaus over family and intentions, Elijah had to show up and do exactly what Marcel wanted – rip his heart right from his back. This not only proved Marcel right, showcasing that the Mikaelsons will always do best by them, but it also enacted that serum because SURPRISE, he took it the second it was put in front of him. Despite us (maybe just me?) thinking he hadn’t and was dead and gone. Nope, he’s alive and better than ever now that he’s a super hybrid being, beast, whatever it is you’d like to call what happens to someone when they have that sort of power.

So yeah, Marcel’s powerful as hell and at first he was just mad about Davina, now he’s absolutely over the moon pissed because Elijah went and stabbed him in the back, well ripped his heart out of his back. By the looks of the previews for next week though – it seems there is only one person who may be able to smooth this whole thing over, Marcel’s first true love, Rebekah. Can the sister we haven’t seen in what seems like forever save the day? We’ll have to wait and see…

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