The Originals 3×20 ‘Where Nothing Stays Buried’: Heartless…


As the great Kanye West (well great according to himself) once asked, “How could you be so heartless?” When Klaus is the one on The Originals saying to follow your heart and spare his former enemy, and it’s Elijah and Freya doing what seemed to be one of the saddest things in recent history on this show – things are topsy turvy for sure.

So Cami’s dead and we’re moving on. Well not really, but there’s no time to really mourn when Lucien sets his eyes on Rebekah. Mess with the women they love, that’s one thing – but mess with blood, you’re going down. Now the Mikaelsons have to get right back to work trying to take this big bad…uh, super hybrid down. Klaus and Hayley are out at the bayou doing their thing while Elijah and Freya are figuring out the only way to do so is to use Davina while she’s in this other realm with witches who want her dead. Oh yeah, they have to break this magical circle that’s her safe from them over there.


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Never in a million years though would I have guessed it would be Klaus who is against the idea. Really, kill the women he truly loves and he’s a whole new man. He knew it would only cause Marcel and Kol to be more than a little ticked off. Instead of listening to him, his siblings went and used that girl anyway. Dear Julie Plec, why the ladies always the one to exit? Elena on The Vampire Diaries and then Rebekah, Cami and now Davina on The Originals. It’s getting bad.

However, I think it’s about to get worse because before Lucien was killed (thank goodness), he mentioned that troublesome prophecy we’ve been fighting this whole season. Remember how one was going to die by friend, another by foe and then one by family? Now that Marcel’s lost Davina due to Elijah and Freya’s decision – I bet he’ll go after him. Plus, he’s got the serum too. Hell’s about to break lose. Foe, well there are still a million and one out there. Family though…would Freya ultimately turn on one of her own?

Also, can we talk about how much we are loving Klaus and Hayley as Bonnie and Clyde? Lastly, thoughts on Klaus telling his baby mama to just go for it with Elijah?

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