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Fast food hasn’t been in my body for a few months and with a new two-week gig starting up soon, I decided to celebrate by treating myself to one of those Taste Crafted sandwich things from McDonald’s while I watched this week’s episode of The Originals. This was a big mistake for a couple of reasons; 1. Now I want MORE fries and 2. I cried in a McDonald’s. For those who’ve been loyal readers since I started doing these reviews know that I have despised Cami from the first moment we locked eyes (well, I with her and she with Klaus). Perhaps the little fangirl in me was jealous of the affection Klaus showed her, or maybe it was just because I found her character annoying 99.9% of the time. All that said though, here I was with tears streaming down my face as we said a final farewell to the former psych student turned vampire.


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We had two things going on this week, well three; Cami dealing with the idea of death, everyone around her either trying to save her or being in denial and Davina and Kol’s situation that seemed more than resolved but almost overshadowed Cami’s last breath. No really, with tears on my cheeks and sweet & sour on my breath, I was having a breakdown during the final moments this week. Anyways, more on that in a second. First, Cami. With Lucien biting her and absolutely no cure in mind, it was crystal she was not miraculously walking away from this one. It wasn’t her death that really touched me in ways I never thought it would, but rather those last moments with Klaus in her mind as she had her “perfect day.”

Death scares the crap out of me, and I’m sure a million and one other people. The idea that life will go on without you one day, your loved ones will smile once more – not existing. It’s all very panic attack inducing, but the one thing for me has always been the voice in your head stopping. Your train of thought being forever muted. Is someone there, like Klaus was for Cami, when you’re going through those final moments of life? I could only hope so. I always liked to believe the afterlife was like that Five People You Meet in Heaven book (I’ve never read)/excellent TV movie (which should totally get added to Netflix).

One could only hope you had someone you loved there, even if just in you head, when your thoughts left you. Then, okay I’m going to be honest. The moment I fell absolutely head over heels for Klaus and knew I’d be a reblogging monster on Tumblr with his GIFs was when he told Caroline he’d be her last love. Remember that? Well folks, I think he may’ve outdone himself tonight and with all people, freaking Cami. Okay, nevermind. Klaus still is number one with the Caroline line, and Cami stands tall with the one tonight. Klaus, “I will carry you with me,” and she says, “I guess that makes me immortal.” Um, how badass/romantic would you feel if that was the last conversation you had with your significant other? Cami, you dropped the mic and went off into that afterlife on a high note girl, bravo. Here was the .1% time I thought she was acceptable.


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Really quick before we get to Davina’s problem…Cami was going to leave Elijah a Trivial Pursuit Game, that’s it. Like, did you hear all the cool stuff everyone else got? Sorry, it made me think of one day being in a close friend’s will and getting their Cards Against Humanity expansion pack. Thanks friend, I didn’t have the “toenail fungus” card in mine.

Anyways, their goodbyes to Cami were tear inducing but oh lord – my heart was racing for a whole new reason when the earth shook and Kol’s daggered body was gone. Well not gone, he was still lurking right up to the point where he savagely took Davina out. Those ancestors really cannot stand these people. Like hey, we’re going to let you bring your little boyfriend back but he’s on a mission to kill you and it hurts him the longer he waits to do it. Oh you think you’re going to dagger him and we’ll forget? NOPE, ATTACK MODE. Marcel is going to freak the heck out. That on top of dealing with the nightmare that is Lucien. These next three episodes are going to be quite the ride. With that, do not watch shows you’re even the least bit emotionally invested in at a McDonald’s or any other public place if you do not want to look like someone just broke up with you via Skype or some crap.

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  • Oknow

    Nice review. I feel the same. I think the trivial pursuit game was just a reminder of the time Cami and Elijah spent together at the safe house.