The Originals 3×18 ‘The Devil Comes Here and Sighs’: Stakes of love


The terrible twosome of this season used to be Aurora and her brother she’s too close with. Now she’s back and with love struck and power hungry Lucien by her side. So for an hour we had to watch them torture Klaus while Vincent tried to crack the ancestor code on The Originals.

One cannot believe that Aurora would give up Klaus that easily. I instantly thought she’d fall back into back in love with him after his advances in that irresistible accent. Instead she drank the magical potion. Who else wanted him to kick it out of her hand right before it hit her lips? Instead she managed to take it and we had to sit anxiously while we waited for her to croak to be reborn into a big, bad monster. Here’s my thing though, can this new found power that Lucien figured out survive fire, or decapitation? In my head, you cut someone’s head off – they don’t come back from that. If that’s the case, just do that.

Elsewhere Vincent was begging the ancestors to let him in on why they are siding with Lucien. All he got was that moody kid whose mom was killed by Davina. Seriously kid, we get you lost your mom – but you’re a one note song we’re tired of hearing.


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On top of everything, Lucien had his eyes set on Elijah and with his brother chained up in a penthouse, the oldest Mikaelson alive had to go meet with the monster. He made a point though, Lucien went through all this trouble to get Aurora’s brother back so he’d like her? Seriously, it’s insane how insane people act for so-called love. Thankfully though Freya’s circle drawing of apparent doom was able to keep Lucien from finishing what he’d planned on doing to her brother. Only Freya really doubted how much those witch ancestors like that guy.

Come the end, I was surprised to see Kol leave. He’s a Mikaelson at the end of the day and they aren’t the most flexible when it comes to changing their minds BUT they have proven time and time again that when it’s for love, they’ll go to the end of the world. Sadly he didn’t make it too far now did he? Also, does anyone ever understand fully what’s going on when Vincent and Davina talk to one another? Their witch jargon almost always loses me, but what I was finally happy to see was what Cami and Hayley had up their sleeves after stopping at the pharmacy. So we’re using Aurora to study the serum that runs through her and Lucien, but that may come second to figuring out how to save Cami now that she’s been bit by the big bad monster.

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