The Originals 3×17 ‘Behind the Black Horizon’: Tears for fears


After a rocky start thanks to internet connections, I was able to tune into The Originals and I am 100% glad I did not have to wait until Hulu put it up much later tonight. Cami is apparently still alive and clueing Davina in about magic, Hayley and Klaus are Team Scooby Doo and Lucien went and made himself more powerful than an Original, and he’s not the only one.

It was like a side note to the bigger picture, but the witches of the bunch have something brewing that could wind up being more interesting than what Klaus and Co. now have to deal with. Vincent is downright fed up with the ancestors, and Davina is on his side now that Cami’s little talk got her thinking, and she realized the ancestors are making her boo a mad man. Didn’t you think Vincent was going to tell Davina she was on her own at first? Just me? Then I got interested when he said they were going to have to team up to take their ancestors down. Magic throwdown is upon us people, but first…oh lord, Aurora’s back?

Before we get to the worst ex-girlfriend in the history of man – we have to talk about Hayley and Klaus teaming up to see what Lucien was up to when it came to the wolves. Turns out he was taking their venom, not to find a cure…but to create a super venom to add to the concoction Vincent made to turn him into an Original. So now we have Lucien walking around with a bite that Klaud cannot cure, one that can take down a Mikaelson. Which, RIP Finn – but if we had to lose one of them, he was the one…right? So anyways, Hayley and Klaus pull some action movie stuff at one of Lucien’s company to uncover everything and all that was missing was a mask reveal.

Really though, how annoyed were you when it was realized that Lucien had made two vials for himself and freaking Aurora? Does he not understand that she never loved him? He’s like those crazy people obsessed with famous people who really believe they will one day be together. No Lucien, no. Which, maybe that will be her downfall. He’ll realize she’ll never love him as much as she loves/loved Klaus (I’m not sure where her crazy stands with that sentiment) and will take her down OR he’ll never have it in him to take down the so-called love of his life. When you’ve been alive that long…how is she the best person you’ve ever come across?

That’s it for this week as my eyes are tired and a little damp from that ashes to ashes, always and forever scene. See you again – same time next week!

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