The Originals 3×16 ‘Alone with Everybody’: Meth and mayhem


Is it just me, or did The Originals this week feel like a darker version of Scooby Doo in a way? There was even an unveiling and yes, it wasn’t a wolf mask being taken off to reveal Fred from the old papermill but rather Freya after being taken hostage – there was something campy yet twisted about the events that went down. Finn and Kol were at one another’s throats, the White Oak was making everyone at edge but then eased, and Klaus and Hayley were in what he figured was the meth capital of the world solving the problem of a new little wolf, and more.

Where do we even begin? Let’s start with the storyline I could care less about first to get it out of the way. Finn and Kol. Here comes this brother out of nowhere and they have their beef, and of course one goes off with his child bride while the other sticks around after having been cursed by the little witch to be a vampire forever. Their drama was whatever, but now that we know who wanted the last of the White Oak in the first place and after replaying Finn’s over dramatic monologue and actions to save it from the fire – was he in on it? I’d streamed this Saturday afternoon and have no clue what the previews for next week hold. Someone tell me before I head to YouTube. Whether or not he’s on Lucien’s side – I will believe it to be so, because I just don’t trust Finn’s face. There’s something shady about it.


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Wait, what? Lucien is the one who held the auction and ended up playing everyone, including the Mikaelsons and Marcel to get his hands on that bullet? But why? His link to Klaus was done, right? Oh jeez, if he’s doing all of this over that crazy pants Klaus has locked behind bricks – I will be livid. Why does love that will never work out always get people to act too insane? I also love that Elijah felt getting the bullet back was too easy. I said the same thing when the auction went down and when that secretive blonde just handed it over to Marcel and them. So where we are with that is Lucien having the bullet and Freya, and I can only imagine how ticked Elijah is going to be because he’s all about family and whatnot.

While all this is going down in New Orleans, Klaus and his little family are in a town that looks like a distant cousin of where I grew up in the desert of California. It’s small, a little trashy but we didn’t have werewolves and such – we weren’t so lucky. After Hayley runs off to help a young girl she once took care of after the youth went through um…wolf puberty – and killed for the first time, Klaus sees some sort of light and they make a pact to do things their way instead of his way. I’m not sure how long that with last, but like he said – baby steps. They also uncovered someone was hunting wolves in this backwoods town and then it was revealed Lucian had the bullet and I’m pretty sure the two go hand in hand.

Okay, so update – I went and watched a preview and now know why Lucian needed the Oak and Vincent. He wants to be an Original? Do you think it’s going to work? Will this mean he’ll have his own sire line of protection built in, or does that not start until you’re one of the OGs? So many questions between then and now!

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