The Originals 3×15 ‘An Old Friend Calls’: Paranoia


Hearts were broken, heads were taken off and hands were on the last remaining piece of the white oak on The Originals. With Klaus’ sire line being broken, the paranoia has set in and in the end we saw a man run to save not only his life but that of the one he loves most. Marcel proved that we should never doubt his dedication, Kol and Davina were weird and as one Mikaelson exited, another entered.

We all know Klaus has made more than a few enemies in his lifetime and with that sire broken – he felt his biggest ones were coming after him. With the help of the newly resurrected Kol, they figured one, Cortez, was in town. That put them at ease…for a second. Cortez’s presence was short lived, but his appearance made Vincent locate the remainder of that pesky white oak and now the regent has it all to himself. If he was smart, he’d hand that over to Elijah and just walk away because in the end Cortez let Klaus know that the others know about the white oak and are heading to the Big Easy. Really though, wouldn’t you not want to get involved in anything this family does? I don’t see Vincent making it out of season three alive.

Let’s talk about Kol and Davina for a second. She was all happy about bringing back witch-Kol, but unfortunately for her – he came back as a vampire and that Kol is a little nuts. Like any man on a daytime talk show, he swears he’s changed and it’s because of her but the look in his eye when Finn came out of nowhere…It doesn’t seem like Davina’s love was strong enough to keep her man’s crazy at bay. BUT I don’t think she wants him anyway. She seemed more than over him when she was talking to Josh about it.


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In between all the Mikaelson drama, Hayley was going all psycho killer on the Stricts who played a part in Jackson’s murder. The cult like vampires were out for the head of whoever did it. While Josh accused Marcel of being too into his new found minions, Marcel showed where his loyalty stood when he delivered Cortez’s head to the Stricts and painted a picture to convince them that more enemies were on their way for the white oak and that they were in danger. He failed to mention these people were after Klaus and it wouldn’t mess with their lives – but whatever, details, right? I vow to never doubt that man again. He’s likely the only one who ever keeps his word to the Mikaelsons.

Can you believe that come the end Klaus was packing up and heading out AND with Hayley and Hope in the car? Can Julie Plec and the cast please just do little “on the road” comedy bits of this little, dysfunctional family road trip? Where will they go, what will they do? On a serious note though, what about mom and dad’s heartbreaking sort-of-goodbyes? Hayley said she had to let Elijah go out of respect for Jackson – dumb, and Cami lied to Klaus and told him that love she had for him was her human side and therefore gone now. I get where she’s coming from though. If he loved her truly, he would’ve ripped Aurora’s head off much like he did Cortez.

So now we have a month until we see these guys and gals again and I’m glad. I really did not want to go a month watching this show sans Klaus. I can do with one or two episodes when we resume in April but more than that and I’m going to have a fit. Alright guys, see you back here April 1 and that’s no joke!

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