The Originals 3×14 ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’: Someone take out Davina


Sometimes I think I’m over The Originals. This is especially true since it’s moved to Friday nights and I usually have to wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch on Hulu. Every single one of these thoughts banished this week because I was on edge the entire freaking time. In the end, all I have to say is…when is Davina finally going to be taken out?

Since I stopped watching The Vampire Diaries like two years ago, I wasn’t about to tune into the first hour of this crossover event but from what I am guessing…Stefan needed Klaus’ help with a vampire hunter or something? More importantly, he was there to help with the Mikaelson’s big problem. Oh you know, that whole breaking the sire line thing that Davina was sure she could to with an unsired heart. With Marcel saving Hayley’s life and digging up Jackson’s, the Stricts had what they needed and a whole lot of witch power. Plus, with the Mikaelson’s in some alternative realm – they were in deep trouble.


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Klaus and Aurora came toe to toe in this alternative place, as did Tristan and Elijah. It was such a bummer that in this realm, Klaus couldn’t take that horrendous ex out. Nevertheless, when push came to shove – Klaus was the only one who lost his sire line. That was a shock. I was sure they’d both get out with keeping their lives and lines, but nope. Freya was able to stop Davina’s spell when it came to Elijah but she wasn’t quick enough when it came to her other brother. All I have to say about that is, so…we’re counting down to when Klaus finds and destroys that love struck little girl, right? With that though, would Marcel stand for that?

Marcel and Davina have one of the most interesting relationships in this whole show and are always having one another’s backs but I think she’s done with him now. All she wanted was him to believe in her, and when he didn’t – I think that hurt her more than anything. Now this girl, with the blood of the Mikaelson’s and magic, has her beloved Kol back. Now we all know these two are going to try and team up and in the end one or both of them isn’t going to make it. I’m hoping it’s her. She’s been annoying since she showed up. Why don’t they realize that Klaus can’t be taken down? BUT with that, Davina isn’t the only person to have him on their hit list.

So are we over that prophecy thing over and done with now? Aya’s dead, Tristen is still at the bottom of the ocean and Aurora is finally out of our lives thanks to Klaus cementing her behind a wall; brick by brick. I was about to say she’s out out the picture, but if Lucian is still walking around and he’s as dumb as Davina when it comes to doing anything for “true love.” I’m not stacking the last brick on her just yet. I am just interested in know who the next enemy is for this family…

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