The Originals 3×13 ‘Heart Shaped Box’: Family bonds


We bond with people for a number of reasons. Be it because of our genetic link to them, shared interests or both. The factors that go into what makes us close to some and not others are endless, and the idea of that was at the core of The Originals this week as Marcel showed his true colors (maybe) and the Mikaelsons proved to actually be the loyal ones in New Orleans.

The Stricts want to unsire themselves from the originals and that’s to be understood. Who would want their fate connected to another? Then again, if nothing but an insane ex with a gun full of white oak bullets can take them out right now, why not just take out her and then you’re good? Instead of thinking logically, Aya turns to Davina for a spell that’d unlink the vampires and in return she got a day with ghost Kol. We’ll get back to that in a second. So after this and that they figure they need the heart of a vampire that was never sired; Hayley. Of course the little wolf was able to fight that advance off but one problem…Jackson’s heart, linked to hers through marriage, will suffice and Marcel figured that out before Hayley and the Mikaelsons, and beat them to it. When he handed it over, Aya was sure to tell him that their shared interest bonded them more than family. With that, he gave an odd look. Because Marcel is never one to turn his back on Klaus, I have my reservations about the heart he gave Aya. Could he have possibly dug up the heart, hid it and then gave Aya and Davina a decoy to buy his true family some time?


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While you let that settle in…Aurora was back with her bullets and thanks to her taking her sweet time to pull the trigger – she wasted two bullets. One on a wall and another on Elijah. Klaus was able to retrieve it and that was that. She has more though and now that she’s been approached by Aya to team up, there’s no telling what those two devious vampires will try and cook up. As long as they have love struck Davina, they may have something. That girl, she’s an idiot. Kol tells her to move on and nope, she won’t. She’s a cute girl, and I’m sure she can find ANYONE else in living realm to be with but she is so stuck on this dude, I can’t.

In between all of this Hayley was teaching Cami that she can’t hide behind her “antiques” forever and had to learn to fight eventually. I must admit this was one of the only times Cami seemed badass on the show and not just an annoyance. Anyways, enough about her. In the end Klaus and his siblings agree they must take out their enemies…but isn’t that how they conclude every episode? What I love though is that no one trusts the Mikaelsons, but they’re really the only ones who rarely double cross. Yes, Klaus has been sneaky but it’s usually for a greater cause. What do you think bonds people more; blood or shared interests/goals?

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