The Originals 3×12 ‘Dead Angels’: Cami’s an idiot…


Note to self, if an immortal vampire takes your family’s things – do not take the one weapon that can take his life. You will lose it. This is not a note Cami got on The Originals. I was shaking my head uncontrollably when the new witches in town were able to take the deadly trinket from her, all the while I was not that concerned with Elijah trying to take control of the Stricts once more now that Tristan is well, swimming with the fishes.

Speaking of Tristan, as the episode continued and all these twists and turns came into play, I thought about Aurora and asked myself where the hell has she been? Then of course there she was. She, not the Stricts, was behind the new coven in town getting the one thing that can take down the originals. Seriously, the most insane person to have ever been involved in this family’s story – it had to be her. She goes on to make bullets out of the trinket and says she’s hunting a whole family of monsters. Will she be successful though? Judging from the name of the show and the fact that these siblings have overcome every other death threat, I don’t see crazy pants being the one to take them down. Plus, wouldn’t the Stricts be quick to find and take her out?

You’d think that but Tristan’s right hand woman quickly told Marcel about a plan to use Davina to disconnect them from their sire lines. Since Davina is the secret weapon – we all know she’d do whatever Marcel said, but we saw early on in this episode that the teenage witch is loyal to anyone who smiles at her. “She was nice to me!” she exclaimed about someone. Really, all it takes it being cordial to this broken girl and she’ll be useful to you. With that, she owes Tristan’s girl for giving her what she thinks is info to bring her beloved Kol back from purgatory, or wherever he is. It’ll be interesting to see who the little witch sides with.

Back to Cami. Klaus should’ve taken her out the second he found out she’d lost the weapon. Who cares if he once loved her. He once loved Aurora too and we all know how that’s currently playing out. She’s got a dozen or so bullets, half with his name on them. The others are likely for Elijah and maybe one for Rebekah. Oh yeah, Elijah and Marcel were of course in cahoots over the whole ruling of the Stricts but now that Marcel has the possibility to not be sired to Klaus, will he finally turn on the first family to take him in?

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