The Originals 3×11 ‘Wild at Heart’: Death sentences


Ugh, this move to Friday nights is not the business. Can we get League of Legends or whatever to switch places with The Originals? So on Saturday afternoon I sat down with Klaus and the rest of the lot to find that Davina was back to being an annoyance over a boy, Cami was out of control and well – that’s really all there was going on this week in the Big Easy.

With the Stricts needing some help with the witches, they turned to Davina and some coven of other misfits (I’m assuming. It’s hard to pay that much attention when it’s characters you’re like “meh” about). Tristan’s right hand woman told Davina that she could have the power to bring back her beloved Kol and of course she went with it. I swear, that girl would do anything to bring that boy back – but come on. Physical attraction has to be there and I really think Kol’s OG face threw her for a loop but she seemed to still like him nonetheless. Enough of them because I can’t but really quick, Josh was back and in the end he and Marcel seemed to join forces because of Davina’s new relationship with the psychos AKA Stricts. They have to be the only people in the world who legitimately care about that girl.


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Meanwhile Cami was taking charge and going completely insane in the eyes of everyone. She twisted Klaus’ next, told Hayley “it’s not grief, it’s relief” about Jackson since she’s still in love with Elijah and then figured out what this infamous weapon against the Mikaelsons was; that carving Klaus made years ago for Rebekah. She took it all because Klaus took her stupid dark objects and now she’s holding it hostage. If they really want to go there, Elijah will be the one to take it from her and Klaus will have to choose between family and love; that seems to be the ultimate cycle of his life.

Speaking of love, we ended with Hayley breaking down about her late husband and Elijah of course being there to console her. She caps their conversation by saying that anyone who loves them, it’s a death sentence. Which, was that a clue towards Cami’s ultimate fate?

This week’s episode wasn’t the best for me because it centered around Davina and Cami, two characters I would rather have kept as secondary instead of the focal point….Until next week.

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