The Originals 3×10 ‘A Ghost Along the Mississippi’: Bye Jackson


It’s been a minute since we’ve seen our favorite bloodsuckers and backstabbers, but alas The Originals is back and on a new night. Can we assume The CW has either lost faith in their vampires, or they assume those who watch these shows want to be in on Friday night. I’d be happier if they moved it back to Thursday. Those who agree retweet and share! For now let’s talk about what went down now that The Originals are back. Cami isn’t gone, Vincent is in deep but possibly not as deep as the little wolf.

Seeing as how they made us wait a lifetime for this show to come back…I completely forgot that Cami was left for dead in December. Well, she’s not – of course. Aurora was behind this one, which surprised no one when it was revealed. She made Cami drink her blood after she knew Klaus was in love with her, then made her slit her throat and lay in silence. It’s funny how Klaus is always pegged as the bad guy, but how twisted is it to make your ex’s new beau kill themself as soon as they were sure they were in love? Anyways, now there are no more mortals in this story as Cami is now a vampire. Does that mean she’s in Auora’s bloodline and if she dies – Cami dies…so Klaus can’t take her out?


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Meanwhile Vincent, having agreed to help Tristan was tricked. His help came at a price. If he screws up, another witch will put Finn back in his body. Only, they really underestimated how powerful a Regent is. While Elijah was saving his behind, Hayley and Jackson were getting attacked over in the Bayou by one of Tristan’s people no less. That guy won’t stop until he controls everything, but what does he want with the wolves? To my knowledge they were never part of the deal, but when he ripped Jackson’s heart out of his chest in front of Hayley, it was clear.

Back in a less heartbreaking part in the city, Cami and Klaus were fighting over her choice to want die rather than turn. She made some good points about dying though when she noted she’d rather die as someone she was proud of than live as someone she’d be ashamed to be. On the flip side, Klaus also had a good argument when he lamented something along the lines of, “…better a flawed life lived than one spent rotting in clay.” Also, that thing about living an immortal life and whether it’d be heaven or hell, that made me think. I’m pretty sure it was either this show or The Vampire Diaries that noted how sad it can be when you live forever, but have to watch those you love die over and over again.

While I could see Aurora being a part of Cami’s vampire path, I did not see that whole plot with Tristan coming. Now he’s in a crate for eternity, but that leaves his hellish sister and what about the playboy who was a part of their trio? Where’s that guy? At the end of that, I kind of felt cheated. Now what is the conflict? Maybe it’ll be Cami dealing with her new found life. Yes, she chose to live because who wouldn’t want to hang around with Klaus forever?

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