The Originals 3×09 ‘Savior’: “Tell me I didn’t miss Christmas…”


Nothing says holidays in December like vampires, werewolves and witches…right? Well that’s how things roll in New Orleans on The Originals. Rebekah is back and not quite herself, Jackson thinks he’s okay now and Vincent – someone who I didn’t think had any chance of being a real character on this show, is somehow sticking around.

Thanks to getting inside the minds of their enemies, the Mikaelsons were able to locate their deep sea sister. You’d think Rebekah would be glad to be back – instead she was quick with her tongue and even worse in her bite. She went off on almost everyone and you have to think…was that a truth spell, or just one to make her say the most vile thing? Hey, what she said wasn’t far from but it was harsh. Glad that Rebekah didn’t stick around long, but bummed the actual one didn’t stay much longer. To make it seem like she was still swimming with the fishes, she had to go back on the road and keep on running. You’d think that a girl who spent her life running from her father would want to stick around more than a few hours. She’s the river of the family; constant. Only her water ran dry as this curse making her insane caused her to ask Elijah to dagger her to keep everyone safe.


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Now onto Jackson. The past couple of weeks he’s been worse than Cami – and if you’ve read these once or twice before, you know I can’t stand her for the most part but somehow Jackson took her crown away. He was so persistent on Hayley being HIS family and not a part of the Mikaelsons all the time. Then this week, he goes to Freya’s rescue and later says it was because of instinct. While it was nice of him, it was rude. Isn’t that what Hayley was saying all this time? Now he freaking gets it? Sorry, but Jackson still has to make up for that.

Then there’s Vincent, the wheels in his head are turning and I’m not sure if he’ll walk out of his war with the vampires, the world – whoever he’s mad at – alive. Really though, what was that sly smile from Marcel all about after his talk with the new king of the witches though? HOLD UP! Enough about him and everyone else, what was that with Cami in the end? How did she end up like that without Klaus hearing a thing, and will he bring her back? She’s the one line of true and literal humanity on this show….

Now with that ending, we have to wait until the end of January for this to come back AND note that The Originals is now moving to a new night. Friday nights just got a whole lot more bloody.

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