The Originals 3×08 ‘The Other Girl in New Orleans’: “…delightfully gruesome…”


The credits roll and you’re not quite sure if you liked or could disregard an episode. That’s where I am right now with The Originals. Loathing Cami since the start, but knowing Aurora is that insane love everyone will be unfortunate of having in their lifetime – I was torn during their face off. Meanwhile I don’t know why I doubted Marcel, he’s always got his head on right. Then there was the fact that Hayley’s fine being on her own with Hope because she realized Jackson ain’t nothing special, or at least that’s how I read into it.

Thanks to Thanksgiving I completely forgot Aurora swiped Cami in a jealous rage. Only things took a turn from horrible to downright horrendous when the vengeful one turned a bunch of dudes training, knowing Cami would be the only mortal there to feed off of. During that standoff we did get to explore the reality that is our little psych student, and found out that (not surprisingly) Aurora is a bit on the bipolar side. Anyways, while she’s annoying as can be Aurora dug deep and uncovered something really telling about Cami; she has dark impulses and is drawn to the darkness. That’s why she took an interest in psych; to explore her own interests and to understand them. This sounds like something straight out of Dexter. What’s her dark passenger?


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While Aurora was acing Psych 101, Marel was busy playing a double agent. He has to go above and beyond to prove his worth to the Stricts. Why doesn’t Elijah fully understand that? He must know that to infiltrate, you have to have some sort of trust. He’s smarter than that and needs to calm down. I really did think Marcel had jumped ship though. Not sure why since he’s likely the only character to always have a good intention behind his actions. Not saying that’s always the case, but when put up against the others – he’s basically a saint. Now that he’s got Tristan’s trust do you think he can keep it up? There’s only so much back and forth one can do before the side you’re playing catches wind.

Back at the compound, well across the street, Jackson’s grandma was trying to preach about family and how Hayley should be faithful to him and blah, blah, blah. Yes, that’s her husband and she needs to hear him out but what about him? Being involved with the Mikaelsons comes with a lot of baggage and he has to start accepting that, or he can just stay out in the bayou shooting arrows and drinking; whatever his kin said he was up to. Jackson trying to control his wife is almost as annoying as how Danny’s acting towards Mindy on The Mindy Project.

Speaking of similarities – we’ve had Mindy and Dexter, but an Arrow one is coming in next week’s mid-season finale. Rebekah’s coming back but she has this violent impulses that are similar to when you come back to life in that pit in Oliver Queen’s universe. She’s rabid, but I’m sure her brothers can handle her; hopefully. Also, what do you think’s going on with Freya and Finn? Can that not be a thing unless it’s 100% relevant to the prophecy please? We don’t need more to toss into the mix right now.

One last note, with Rebekah being back – will we see the end of Tristan and Aurora next week? Let’s hope so! At least one of them can’t make it to 2016.

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