The Originals 3×07 ‘Out of the Easy’: Latitude and longitude


From week to week it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on with The Originals, so you now I’m not happy about Thankgiving taking a week away from us. There are just so many details going on, sometimes I’m like…what? Like, I didn’t remember why the Stricts wanted Davina, but now that’s dealt with and she’s going to be a weirdo now. Also, the Mikaelsons are out for blood over their sister, and Jackson has officially replaced Cami as my most annoying character on the show.

Who would’ve guessed vampires were fans of Thanksgiving? Well the Mikaelsons decided to have their first sires over for a little something to eat and to find out about their plans and more importantly – where on earth is Rebekah. Turn out that Aurora wanted to keep her sire safe…at the bottom of the ocean and her men that put her there are now dead. So the only way of finding her is the latitude and longitude lines. Which she has one and her brother has the other. They think this is reason enough to keep them alive. Klaus wasn’t about that and broke Tristan’s neck; sibling for a sibling. Here’s the thing though, Aurora’s crazy girlfriend ways led her to taking Cami hostage. I really think she took her more because of Klaus’ affection for her rather than to get her brother back. Doesn’t Aurora remind you of Vanessa from The Little Mermaid? Just the way she acts like a jealous wench, I can’t with her.


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So now it’s not only a matter of finding Rebekah in an ocean that still has unknown parts, but also making sure Cami is safe and sound. If you read every week – you know I’m not her biggest fan, but much respect to how she took care of that vampire hired to keep her captive. Anyways, on to Davina. The Stricts want her to help take out the Mikaelsons, if she refuses – well she’s dead and if she does, well Klaus is not going to be a fan. Of course Marcel would try and protect her, only I think he went a bit far by enlisting Vincent’s help in getting her shunned from the coven. Now she’s going to be even more moody, lock herself in a room trying to bring back Kol and be a hermit. That’s just a wild guess – but instead she’ll likely work her way back in.

You know who can’t come back in? Jackson. He was all about having Thanksgiving with his little family, but you know what – Hayley had some business to take care of. Why couldn’t he understand that? Yes, she has her pack but she also has the Mikaelsons and like it or not, that’s her family too. This made me think of the whole thing going on with Taye Diggs wanting his son to identify as mixed instead of just black because his mother, Idina Menzel, is white and he doesn’t want his son to deny a part of who he is and where he comes from. I feel like Jackson is on the side that has a problem with that. He thinks the wolves are the only part of Hayley and Hope that matter, but in reality, they’re hybrids and that’s that. Sometimes you have to help the other side of your family, but that doesn’t mean you hate the other side. Jackson left to the bayou and you know what, he can stay there.

Well, see you in two weeks for more Originals chat!

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