The Originals 3×06 ‘Beautiful Mistake’: Stupid siblings…


Last week I could’ve walked away from The Originals because I was growing bored, but it’s like they heard me and really stepped it up this time around. Turns out Lucien and Tristan are working together along with Aurora but…can she really be trusted? Rebekah also stepped back into the picture but really, she for what she deserved for not listening to her siblings. Meanwhile a vampire made himself burst into flames, and Klaus spent the day showing his lost love the sights – seriously.

No surprise that Tristan and Lucien are evildoers but we did get to the end game of their little plan, and why. Turns out that Elijah made them believe they were the Mikaelsons which caused them to run from Mikael for a century as the deranged father hunted the wrong people. Wasted time, it’s clear why Tristan, Lucien and Aurora were dead set on taking out the Originals, but I for one was confused – why would they kill them if it’d mean they would die too? Oh, we got the answer. Aurora said it best when she referred to their plan as a “beautiful mystery.” With a magical medallion, they want to trap the Mikaelsons in once place where they can’t be free, and are free from harm.


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Now that that’s out of the way, can we talk about that super vampire that was stalking out Hayley in search of Davina? Oh yeah, really quick – Davina is the one the evil ones want to help with their master plan to trap blah, blah bl- he freaking killed himself by setting himself ablaze. I think even Marcel and Hayley were like, whoa, WTF. Before he set off the dramatics, he put up one of the best fights I’ve seen on the show in awhile. Really, I thought for a split second that Marcel and Hayley were done for.

Oh yeah, Klaus. Usually my absolute favorite. I just can’t with him right now. Aurora seems to be on his side, and he on hers – but are they just playing one another? They literally walked around the city all day, wound up in bed, she admitted some plans, and then…I’m pretty sure they just got back into bed. Klaus was acting almost as stupid as his sister. Rebekah would’ve been fine and dandy if she just headed back to New Orleans when Elijah said, but oh no. She had to save Kol. Of course it was all a trap and now she’s staked and in a box somewhere and we can’t be sure if Aurora is telling the truth about her being safe because of her creepy loyalty to her brother.

Now that it’s getting interesting again, next week they’re having Thanksgiving? Oh jeez…

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