The Originals 3×05 ‘The Axeman’s Letter’: Secret’s out…


Is it just me or are we already at the point in the season where things start to take a little dip on The Originals? This whole prophecy thing is dragging on a bit long and I just can’t seem to care and need the twists and turns to come up a little faster. One of Klaus’ “one true loves” is back in the picture with a secret that’s bound to break a brotherly bond, we’re still back and forth on Tristan and Lucien’s whole deal and Cami is in the big house. On the upside, Davina did a good deed that served the wolf pack.

How many times can one love in their life? Well that’s what truly sucks about this immortal lifestyle because the answer is infinite. So that’s why I can never really feel that bad when one of these Originals loses a love, because it seems like every other season they have a new one from the past popping up. Nevertheless, we got to know more about Aurora this week and how she was too desperate to turn, the fact that it was Rebekah that turned her – not Klaus, and her deep dark-1000-year-old secret that caused the breakup. Elijah first used the power of compelling on her and that caused her to break Klaus’ heart when he and his siblings had to flee all them years ago. Of course that did not sit well with Klaus, but we’ll get to that.


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Meanwhile Elijah and Marcel were trying to figure out what Tristan and Lucien were up to, as was Cami. Only she was the one who ended up being arrested in the end for something we’re all sure Tristen did on purpose. They need to get to their devious little plan because if there’s anything that we’ve learned from the past seasons of this show, it’s that newcomers are never to be trusted. Which, did you ever think we’d see the day Davina made a real friend…? She and Hayley are all of a sudden besties now that fashion advice was traded and the curse was lifted. Will this last though? In this town, nothing last forever.

Some side notes to talk about before we get to what will likely happen between Elijah and Klaus. Rebekah covered suicide beautifully in that flashback that saw Aurora trying to take her own life when she said, “This pain, it will pass.” That’s the thing, you can always get better – with help and effort. Another note, where was Freya this whole time and lastly, so that whole axeman thing American Horror Story: Coven did was real? Interesting.

So next week we’ll see the aftermath and some of the action of what went down between the Mikaelson brothers and their sister will more than likely try to resolve the issue, they’ll be mad for a second more and then they’ll figure that they can’t take out Tristen and Lucien by themselves and then they’ll put their differences aside once again. We’ll see if I’m right in a week! Until then – let me know which of the supernaturals you’d want to be and why; vampire, werewolf or witch.

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