The Originals 3×04 ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’: Always and forever


To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t paying that much attention to The Originals as I had to get some other things done but I was listening to it like a child once listened to their favorite show on the radio and I do have some thoughts like, Hayley looks phenomenal in red, we either need to get rid of Tristan or Lucien and Klaus’ jealousy is adorable.

Somehow Hayley managed to miss the memo about the prophecies this whole time but was clued in and then taken to a gala by Elijah. Right before that we got a little sexual tension in the Vampire Fight Club hell in a cell ring that Marcel has in his little gym. Will they, won’t they – is on hold for those two for now, but I’m sure he wanted a piece of that little wolf after taking one look at her in that dress. Stunning, that’s all I can say. Girl crush alert!


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Beauty aside, we had to deal with Tristan initiating Marcel into his little gang of ancient vampires while dealing with Lucien and his fortune telling witch. One doesn’t trust the other and that’s putting mixed thoughts into the heads of the Originals. Who can they trust? I would say neither, but for some reason in an ironic twist – I want to believe that Klaus’ sires are somehow more trustworthy than Elijah’s. I mean, it was Aurora who poisoned Lucien’s witchy friend. Oh yeah, that caused her to kick the can and of course it was right before she was going to reveal the weapon used to take down hybrid numero uno. All we know is that a bloodbath is coming, but that’s about it. I don’t even have a good guess right now as to where this is going since this show can twist and turn more than a contortionist.

Side note, what do you think Hayley should tell Hope when she’s old enough to fully grasp the highs and lows of their family tree?

Back to Marcel, he passes Tristan’s little test with the help of Hayley’s bite and gets in but this causes Klaus to be rather jealous. Marcel assures him it’s for the greater good, but of course Klaus can’t be sure of that. We’ll see as next week Aurora’s presence is known and no one but Tristen seems happy to see her.

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