The Originals 3×03 ‘I’ll See You in Hell or New Orleans’: Drama vamps


Klaus and Elijah have put their quarrels aside for the time being to inspect these visions of their demise and all the friend, foe and family thing on The Originals. They suspect Lucien is at least one of the three while suspect number one thinks that someone else is in town trying to get at Klaus. That leads us to Marcel’s new friend, well – new lady in town who sliced his face and took him. Meanwhile Hayley wasn’t taking domestic life too well.

Oh, so Lucien was that guy in the flashbacks who helped out the Mikaelsons? Okay – this is what happens when you watch a stream on a tiny screen and can’t really see too much detail. Anyway, yes he was sliced the way the victims around New Orleans have been over the past few days, but he swears it wasn’t him. He makes a good point about someone probably wanting Klaus dead, because why would Lucien take him out? That’d mean he’d die too since he’s in his lineage. I believe Lucien – for now. This is especially true since we now know he was the first person Klaus ever turned. Even though I’m for him living though, the Brothers Mikaelson want him dead.


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In Marcel’s neck of the woods, he’s taken by a new face; Iyah (I’m unsure of the spelling). She’s a part of the oldest vampires and Elijah is the one who sired her. Her gang want to offer Marcel the return of New Orleans, only he’s not dumb enough to fall for that, right now. Oh yeah, we all know that he’s quick to join anything that would put him into power. Anyways, Elijah came in to break that whole conversation up. Thus introducing us to Iyah’s boss; Tristan. Turns out he may be the one behind all the murders around town because of his hatred for not only Lucien, but the Mikaelsons as well. Friends of that family are minimal. Here’s my thing, how the hell did this old gang of vampires stay undetected? Like where’ve they been all these years?

All the while Hayley wasn’t doing too well in her new home. All she wanted was to be back with Hope and then she was kind of regretting it. That led to her and Jackson getting a sitter and hitting Marcel’s Fight Club cage, which led to an intense sexual encounter.

Here’s my last thoughts…When did Josh come back? Also, this whole war between the sire lines – why should the Mikaelsons care? Okay, I get that if someone got to one of them from another line, they’d die but why are these lines even fighting? It’s clear that they don’t really cross paths often. How long has it been since Elijah’s seen Iyah? These vampires are drama queens. Speaking of, where was Davina…probably causing some sort of problem.

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