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The Originals 3×02 ‘You Hung the Moon’: The vamp and the tramp…


Turns out Davina was using Hayley for something else before she turned her attention Klaus on The Originals. While she was working her magic on the Quarter, Cami’s intentions and family history was getting questioned, Lucien was getting weirder and Freya was living it up.

When Davina first took Hayley, almost all of our minds headed towards Klaus. While that’s in the works, what she really wanted was for the little wolf to take out the witch who tried to burn her. In return, Davina would keep some magic candle burning so she could see Hope. Whatever with all that, what really got me interested was when Klaus and Hayley came face to face. Usually the arguments are these overdramatic rants about this and that, sometimes they throw humanity into the mix. That is what they did tonight. Hayley’s breakdown about her and Klaus’ parents not being there for them and wanting their daughter to have better – that was real. That was a conversation you or I would have with a troublesome baby daddy. When Klaus wouldn’t fight back you have to wonder if it was because Hope was standing right there, or because he got his baby mama’s point loud and clear…? Freya did say he was legitimately worried about Hayley’s whereabouts.


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Then I thought Cami may be getting some love from the cop on the recent murder cases, but instead he accused her of knowing more than she let on. I’m thinking she’ll have Klaus take care of all that very quickly. Hell, she already told him to kill his pal Lucien. Which, speaking of, that guy is annoying. He’s like the vampire conspiracy theorist with his prophecies and whatnot about the Mikaelsons. Yeah, we need to be taking the whole “One by friend, one by foe and one by family…” more seriously, but right now our focus needs to be on solving the Davina thing. If her tear fest is any indication, she’s about to crack, and she has a new enemy that may be more important to defeat than Klaus.

Meanwhile, Freya was out at the club dancing her heart out. Here’s why I’m not mad about it – everyone should have at least one year of their life where they let loose. Whether it’s when you’re in your teens or a couple centuries years old – live it up. Everyone needs to have at least one year where there are no real rules and they experience what it really means to be alive. She was a prisoner for so long and now she needs to go have a little fun. Well as much fun as a girl can have while she’s in between battling brothers, scheming witches and new wolve neighbors. Yup, Jackson and Hayley are human right now and they’re shacking up across the street from Klaus’ compound and he’s not invited in. Why does he get crap for being a bad dad, when it’s just as bad to keep a kid away from their pops too?

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