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The Originals 3×01 ‘For the Next Millennium’: Vampire Fight Club


Welcome back to our little corner of the internet where we complain about Cami on The Originals and swoon over Klaus. The usual aside, season three is upon us and we’re starting out the gate with some suspicious characters, setting things up and well, wondering why they continue to give Cami any sort of importance. Although, I will admit that she delivered my favorite line of the night. While she was saying cool things, Klaus had an old friend pop up and an art show, Elijah went on a rampage, Davina started off on the wrong foot and Freya got down and a little dirty.

In the time since we defeated the evil aunt, Klaus has been taking his painting to a new level and had an art show. Of course no one from his family showed up, but an old friend. Lucien popped up to warn Klaus that word has spread he was attacked and is now rumored as vulnerable. Of course this concerns Lucien because if Klaus is defeated, all those he’s changed die too. Well, that aside because we’re surely going to have to deal with that the rest of the season, Lucien cannot be trusted. He showed up right when humans started popping up dead with serious serial killer like tendencies in the air? Plus, he cut himself in the same way at the end. All I have to say is Lucien, “Why so serious?”


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While all that was happening, Elijah was still not over what his brother did to Hayley and started to focus on what appears to be some UFC/Fight Club like thing Marcel set up for his vampires. What a weird turn that took, but Elijah them went on a rampage against hunters hired for developers to kill the wolves on the land they bought. Of course he thinks Hayley is one of the ones lost, but oh no – Julie Plec wouldn’t let a character just all of a sudden die. There of course has to be a twist and then a turn. The twist, she’s alive, the turn – Davina has her and plans to use her to get to who else? Klaus. Really…she still isn’t over the Kol thing? She’s what, 16 now? She has so many years ahead of her to find the one, Kol wasn’t it girl – move. on. I love that she did this to get to one Mikaelson, when in reality this is going to piss Elijah off to no end.

In between all of this, Freya was the one to introduce us to this season and catch us up through a letter to Rebekah asking for help with their quarreling brother. All last season she was more annoying than not, but tonight we saw a new Freya – one that isn’t afraid to let loose, get up on the bar and dance.

Next week we can only hope that Davina learns her lesson about wanting to take on the Originals by using Hayley, and also – anyone know who that girl was in the last scene? Also, I am going to just put it out there, Officer Jason isn’t lasting long.

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