The Originals 2×22 ‘Ashes to Ashes’: “…officially orphans…”


The last few weeks on The Originals have been amazing. There were as many twists and turns as a contortionist in a box, but then we got to tonight’s finale and I felt it was a little lackluster. The big bad witch was taken on, but then this battle that should’ve been epic was just kind of meh, and to be honest – I’m not sure where next season is going. I feel like it’s going to be a repeat of things we’ve already seen.

When the show came to an end last week, I was like – OMG. Klaus knew how to kill Dahlia. Well, it wasn’t as crazy as we thought. His siblings just had the wrong blood. They had Freya’s when they really needed their mother’s. Of course that was a problem because their long lost sister got rid of her some time ago. So they had to trick Davina into bringing their mother back to life. This led to the sisters coming face to face and finally forgiving one another in death. So yes, Dahlia is gone now and that’s that. Only, Klaus and his kin made an enemy that may be worse – Davina.


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That Victor…Vince…whoever was right and for some reason Davina WILL NOT listen. Mikaelsons stick together. Why she was so set on bringing Kol back, I’ll never understand, but that girl takes a crush to the extreme. So now that she’s lost her one chance to raise her lost love, she’s pissed and I think next season is going to be spent focusing on her revenge.

Will this revenge involve Marcel? He seemed really upset, but then Klaus said he’d give his longtime friend the city back to rule. So in my head Marcel will be fine with him once again, and very soon because I feel that he values power over his home over the friendship of a teenage girl hell bent on puppy love vendettas.

That’s looking to the future, but for a second let’s talk about this episode and a couple problems I had. First, why was everyone so mad at Klaus? It’s clear that his plan was the only way to go to get rid of Dahlia and he had a point – he freed Freya, even after all the nonsense she talked about him. Secondly, why didn’t they cure the wolves? If it was that easy to turn them…why not fix that problem instead of taking their time.

Lastly, Hayley made Elijah promise to help look after Hope. So with Rebekah once again heading out on her own, it’s now two men, Freya and a baby? At least if Freya’s there, they’ll have a witch of their own on their side when Davina comes charging in.

Oh, one last thing…this is seriously it. Who wants to bet it takes at least until the middle of next season before Cami and Klaus finally hook up? Well that’s all I have – enjoy your summer and I’ll see all of you back here in the fall! Until then, I’ll be covering Baby Daddy…single dad’s, kinda my thing…I guess.

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