The Originals 2×21 ‘Fire with Fire’: Smoke signals…


Those with hope had it when it came to Klaus this week. We had to have guessed that he had some sort of plan, but man oh man – The Originals really set us up for an amazing finale next week. Before we get there though, we have to talk more about what went down this time around.

Honestly, if Klaus wasn’t in the scene this week – it was a bore. With that said, the witches were a snore fest. I’m sure they’ll get more interesting but right now it was meh. Davina decided to be the head witch in charge. She only took the job to have the power to bring Kol back and of course to get her vendetta against Klaus. First off, why are all her decisions based around a crush? Oh yeah, shes 16. Secondly, she’s had so many chances at the king of the hybrids and it’s likely she’ll continue to be one step behind him the remainder of this series. Dear Davina, I’m bored with you. Either make some big moves or just bring Kol back and runaway together. Maybe go live with Josh wherever he went off to.


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Now that we’re done with Zzzvina, let’s get to Klaus. He was raging all over the place. He even took control of Marcel and that guy’s usually in on all the plans. Luckily he used Cami as the voice of reason to tell Elijah that all his brother did was part of a bigger plan. Finally the psych student was useful. Anyways, that was a stunning performance, and if you didn’t know it was all fake – you did as soon as you saw the flashback to Klaus with Cami. It was there that everything clicked. One thing though – I really hope he can reverse that wolf spell because that changing into a creature thing looks painful as hell.

Here’s my thing though, how long was Klaus pretending? Does this go further back than Elijah daggering him? I mean, he was hating on Freya for a long time, but next week it looked and sounded like he wanted to save her from Aunt Dahlia’s grasp. Also, Rebekah is back in her blonde body and I’m not too sure how long that’ll last. Not because I’m not sure of the character, but I saw today that Claire Holt has a new show on NBC with Mr. X-Files himself. My guess is that Dahlia takes our Rebekah and the boys are left with Freya. They lose one sister for another? In their world, you can’t have it all…right?

Going into the finale we know that Klaus was the good guy all along and that he knows the way to take down Dahlia. I can’t wait to see what it is! Any guesses?

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