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The Originals 2×19 ‘When The Levee Breaks’: Freaking Freya…


Dahlia is no joke as her presence has driven the Mikaelsons apart, left a wolf dead and a dagger in the wrong person. The Originals has its ups and down this season, with some episodes being a task to get through, but this week was jam packed so let’s not waste any more time and get to it.

Both Freya and Klaus gave their siblings the ultimatum that made them choose between the two. It was clear whose side they were on in the end but they chose wrong. Remember when this newly recovered sister killed their mother and said it was her plan to make Elijah and Rebekah be on her side? Well, how weird is it that Dahlia killed Aiden and said pretty much the same thing when she said Mikaelson Vs. Mikaelson? It’s going out on a limb, but I’m sure that those wicked witches are working together, and some are going to feel pretty stupid when the crap hits the fan and Klaus isn’t there to clean it up.


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So yeah, Aiden’s gone and some of you may’ve shed a tear or two because he went out on such a bad note. There he was, making peace with Jackson and planning to run away with Josh – and then Dahlia had to make him a pawn and tear out his heart…literally.

Then there were people like me who didn’t have time to mourn because we were confused as to why the hell Klaus would take the blame. Then, thankfully, that was all cleared up and we found out it was a noble move to say he was the murderer. Now only Cami knows the lengths Klaus will go to save the ones he loves. I can only hope that she’s able to let Elijah and Rebekah know the truth next week since they obviously have no faith in their brother since they shoved a dagger in him.

I like Elijah and Rebekah’s love for Klaus but oh how I hated that ending when he shoved that stupid Davina-Kol-made dagger in his brother. I can’t even wait until they have to sit and regret that decision when they realize they’re not strong enough without their hybrid brother.

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