The Originals 2×16 ‘Save My Soul’: Trust no one…


Forgive me if my words start to fade, that’s me falling asleep. Before writing these words down I wrote 14 other things and this episode of The Originals set us up for what’s going to be a great ending to the season – was a little bland. In all honesty it left me trusting absolutely no one.

Usually I try to start with something small, but the elephant in the room is Freya. What do you think about her? I’m still on the fence but have one foot in the ground on the side with the big sign that says “SHE’S UP TO SOMETHING.” What have we learned over the years with these shows…if they aren’t a part of the core, they’re likely up to no good. I mean, Klaus is always scheming but that’s to be expected. Here’s why I don’t want to trust her…


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If Dahlia has such this power over Freya, then how is she out and about doing all this without this wicked aunt being nearby? I think Freya would’ve been okay but there’s obviously some threat to her being if she strays from what her aunt wants. To me, it seems like Dahlia is close and pulling the strings to make Freya seem like someone the Originals can trust. In her heart she may be a good person and want to help her siblings, but when you have such a force lurking over you, it’s hard to have a thought of your own. She’s a good person being made to do bad things.

Then you have Aiden and the whole wolf pack thing, which if I’m being real with you – I could care less about. It’s like okay, okay, you’re free, Klaus something something, Hayley’s mad again, Jackson’s fists are up maybe – we get it. When is that going to be interesting? All I can hope is that Aiden and Jackson go toe to toe and that starts to make me pay attention. At least Hayley is still being a HBIC, right? She continues to put men in their place and I can only applaud her for that.


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We can always trust Rebekah – except for that one time I accused her of being in cahoots with Esther, sorry girl. For the most part she’s a nice girl…I said for the most part. Anyways, who we can’t trust is the body she’s in. Eva Sinclair is ready to come out and she’s not happy about the whole body snatching incident. So…Someone, I get all the magic junk confused. Why can’t they put Rebekah back in her own body? Anyways, anyone else a little shocked when Finn’s body was married to the body Rebekah took over?

Oh yeah, before I sign off – what the hell did Rebekah do to Davina’s head? That girl is already a teen nightmare, this better not make her worse.

Well guys, The Originals is out for a couple of weeks so I’m going to go watch my other Monday night shows and see you April 6.

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