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The Originals 2×15 ‘They All Asked for You’: “Time is forever ticking forward…”


Doesn’t it feel like we’ve waited an entire summer for The Originals to be back? In reality it’s only been a couple of weeks and in that time Jackson and Hayley haven’t officially sealed the marriage deal, Elijah managed to move on, Freya and Finn caused some shake ups, Klaus was a slang term used for male genitalia and Rebekah finds out her body is a bad egg.

With a baby in the house and Hayley wanting to earn a “World’s Greatest Mom” mug, that’s left very little time for her and Jackson to well, consummate their marriage. They danced around the idea while they lost one of their own and Jackson proved he could be a good step dad. Hmm, last week’s Shameless mentioned that seeing someone be a good parent is a turn on, and I guess the Showtime series was right. Hayley was quick to consummate as soon as Jackson put Hope to sleep.


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With those two being a happy married couple, it’s time for Elijah to give up on his dream girl and move on. While we could all see the tension between him and what’s her face brewing over the last few episodes…I still wasn’t ready to see them banging either. Dang, was this week all about doing the deed?

Not so much. Only those two pairs got it on while the rest of the bunch was scandalous in other ways. Who all thought that Freya was Finn’s BFF and that she’d never take him out of the picture? She’s up to something and like Elijah, I don’t trust her at all. So Finn’s out and Freya’s in and trying to take down this mysterious firstborn-killing aunt, but twist – she has Mikael on her side. See, we can’t trust anyone who thinks psycho-dad is a good partner for anything.

Klaus wasn’t about that either and set out on his own mission to take down Mikael. Usually I’m all for whatever he has planned, but it was pretty messed up that he went behind Hayley’s back to try and take her pack from her. I’m pretty sure Aiden is going to go along with Klaus’ plan to be the new pack leader.

Lastly, I feel like we have no time to care about what’s going on with Rebekah and her body that’s rejecting her or whatever. Which is why I’m upset that we have to spend more time on it next week.

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