The Originals 2×14 ‘I Love You, Goodbye’: Miracle, magical baby


It’s a nice day for a werewolf wedding on The Originals. Klaus was scheming as usual, Hope was home and showing signs of being a growing girl, and what’s up with Freya and Finn? They’re a little too close and it freaks me out.

Hayley looked absolutely beautiful on her wedding day. Did we think we’d get here – nope, not at all. I always thought it was a rouse on someone’s end because that’s how this show manages to keep its wheels going strong. The best part of the big day though? Oh it has to be Klaus’ wedding… (?) that he gave to Jackson at the beginning of the episode. A bag of werewolf heads – where does one register for those? Bed, Bath and Bludgeoning?


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Hope is home and that’s of course nerve racking since Finn is alive, but hey – that girl could be handling herself soon since she’s showing signs of wait for it, magic? So a werewolf and a hybrid makes a witch? This show is ridiculous at times, but that’s why we love it, right? Does this mean that maybe this evil Aunt will spare her since she’s a witch too or will that make it easier to take her eventually? What do you think of the miracle baby showcasing magical ways? I mean, we had to expect that Hope was going to be well, different.

Then let’s talk about Finn for a second. I thought for sure the explosion had taken care of him, but wasn’t I stupid for thinking about that? However, I’m more concerned and interested in the relationship those two have. It’s verging on creepy. The way she looked at him when she saved him from that body bag, that was just a bit incestuous.

That’s all I have to say for now, minus the fact that I still don’t trust Kol and I don’t care if he lives or dies. He had me feeling bad for a second last week, but he’s just not trustworthy. I will say that it was cute when he said “going steady.” I’m a sucker for that phrase. Since we’re talking about couples – thoughts on Aiden and Josh?

All this wedding stuff makes me wish that I was going to that wedding. I mean what would I have worn to this affair. Let me know what you would’ve have worn to this werewolf funciton in the comments!

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  • Jeanette

    FYI, Hope is a witch because she’s descended from a line of witches. Her grandmother and great-aunt Dahlia being the two we know of.