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The Originals 2×13 ‘The Devil is Damned’: “I’ve daggered all of you!”


From start to finish that was one…dare I say…explosive episode of The Originals. Kol tried to earn some trust, Hope’s secret is out and Finn is no more. Well maybe, I mean there’s always some way that these Mikaelsons rise from the ashes.

I’m not sure what to think of Kol. On one hand, you have to feel for him. He said how he’s always felt, like he could die and no one would care. Most of us feel like that every now and again, so imagine feeling that way for centuries? So yeah, I get it but at the same time – he’s such a pain and has lied so many times that I’m not sure when you can really believe him. Every scene I was waiting for him to pull something. Who else thought that white oak stake was going to find a new residence inside of Klaus? I sure did. Even though he helped with Finn and whatnot, I’m not entirely sure I’m okay with that guy.


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Remember when no one knew about Hope? Well that’s over and done with…All the siblings know and apparently this Aunt Dahlia is still alive. Something was fishy to me though. When Finn was in the house that eventually went up into flames, where the heck was Freya? I for one thought she was the one who stopped the car and then Cami was going to look back and find that baby girl gone. Instead it was Elijah working his ways from inside the inferno. Which, I thought we’d lost an Original until I did a quick Google search and saw the preview for next week and saw him at Hayley’s big day. That was kind of a let down. I at least wanted some suspense to whether or not he made it. At least we can sit and wonder where Freya is though…

Was Freya able to save her evil brother from the burned down house? I really hope not. I’m tired of him and I think now that we all know about Hope – that needs to be the focus. We need to get this looming idea of Aunt Dahlia already.

Side note, Hayley and Jackson…they’re like middle school kids when it comes to talking about sex. That whole jumping the broom thing. However, from the looks of next week’s episode, Jackson may not get the chance to consummate the marriage in the end. I was like, really Klaus – we’re going to have all this compassion for Kol but Jackson cannot be spared…again?

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