The Originals 1×13 ‘The Casket Girls’: “Very Momento of you”


That one time my friend was like, hey we need to be adult and pick a bar to go to and I was like, uh…I HAVE to watch The Originals. So that happened and I cannot begin to tell you how mad I was during our break from the drama that thrives in the French Quarter.

Even when he’s not on screen a lot, Klaus still takes top honors in my heart because – look at him. I’m bias and never cease to side with him and I really do think he was in the right this week. Davina was acting up and needed to be stopped. Now thanks to Marcel and Elijah’s sensitivity, shit’s going to hit the fan. There’s absolutely no way that little witch is going to get over the men in her life continuously screwing her over. Is it wrong that I cheered when it came to her being poisoned? Sadly she’s still around but let’s take a second to say RIP to Tim; rest in peace with your fiddle little guy.


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The guys are royally screwed and the ball is really in the girl’s court. This episode should’ve been titled the “Girl Power Hour.” Between Cami and Davina’s bonding and her siding with Rebekah – Klaus and Co. are in for a heinous time. We’ve all seen this coming from Rebekah for awhile now though, but Cami? She realized she was the only idiot left out of the supernatural secret and grew some major balls stepping up to Klaus. I would’ve ripped her throat out if I was her, but that’s just because I’ve been over her for way too long.

Another female duo surprisingly was Hayley and Sophie. The werewolf found out where Elijah’s dead witch lover, Celeste, was buried for Sophie in return for some curse to be lifted off her family. That was a blah storyline until the end, so I’m glad something actually came from it and it wasn’t just this off pairing.


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What came of it was the reason behind those scribbles Davina was doing while in the attic. Who knew her “art” would actually form into something? This something being Celeste’s return – if I was smarter I may’ve seen that coming like Davina since it explains why we even had to learn about her a few episodes ago. I should care what her rising from the grave means as far as the witches are concerned but I’m more interested in how this will affect Elijah. Will his hots for Hayley diminish?

All I know is that next week we better see more Klaus, because I didn’t get enough of him. In between now and then I’ll be scurrying to buy tickets to The Originals/The Vampire Diaries panel at PaleyFest in LA. I suggest all fans, superfans, fangirls and TV freaks hit that up. I’ll also be pondering what Rebekah and Davina have planned for the boys…

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