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The Night Shift 1×08 ‘Save Me’: Fighting the good fight

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Well this is it kids! The season one finale of The Night Shift is upon us! Will it live up to the hype? Will people be disappointed? It’s all up in the air after the cliff hanger last episode. There’s an explosion at a nearby fertilizer plant and the hospital is swamped. Jordan is forced to save the man who may have killed Topher and almost killed her. The biggest surprise of all is that TC finally gets some character development and isn’t a total jerk this episode! Let’s get going.

The episode starts with Topher being rushed into the O.R. after being shot by the crazed drug dealing man. Unfortunately the drug dealer is also in need of dire medical attention. The detective who came to arrest him claims that he is needed for testimony in other high-profile cases. Grudgingly, Jordan agrees to help him and saves his life after Michael appeals to her good side. Just before this we see Topher wake up, hooray!

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

This boosts everyone’s morale as the hospital is taken over by even more victims from the explosion. Bad news though, as there are still people trapped in the wreckage so TC and Drew head out. Throughout the episode TC keeps having flashbacks and shell shock to his deployment days. Surprisingly, this doesn’t bog down the episode and TC’s military background is finally lending him some credibility instead of just being a tragic back story element.

Meanwhile, Topher and Paul have a fight about whether or not he’s going to get a catheter. This would appear to be an important moment for Paul (despite the lame attempts at humor) because he stands up to Topher and tells him that he’s in charge now. Topher agrees and seems impressed with Paul, who thankfully has been getting more and more screen time. In the midst of this, Landry and Michael spend their night informing families of their loved one’s conditions. This would by far be my worst nightmare as a doctor, but Landry and Michael handle it with grace. Kenny and Krista fight to save a badly burned woman and Kenny is finally speaking! YAY! More Kenny please! The woman’s husband shows up feeling responsible for her condition and Landry tries to comfort him. It appears that she might not pull through this.

Back to TC, he and Drew are attempting to save a woman trapped in the rubble and he keeps having war flashbacks. He is picturing his dead brother who he had to keep alive even though he was technically brain-dead for a heart transplant. Yikes. During this, we find out that the shooter dies from blood loss when his carotid artery explodes. The detective confronts Jordan about her failure to save the shooter, but she doesn’t stick around for his questioning. She’s off to save TC who’s apparently gone off the deep end. TC relents however and lets Jordan take over. Then Michael insists that Jordan speak to a lawyer and it seems like she may be under fire for medical malpractice next season.

Landry discovers that there was a major mix up and the burn victim is actually not the distraught man’s wife from earlier. Luckily he is reunited with his real wife who appears to have minor injuries. She and Krista go off together to find out who the burn victim really is.  They do locate the victim’s mother and call her which gives her the opportunity to say goodbye. At some point during all this, Topher finally pees and then he takes a turn for the worse. I knew he wouldn’t be able to just walk away scot-free from this. TC has a full-blown meltdown in the O.R. when he sees Topher’s deterioration. Scott warns Jordan that TC will drag them all down, I smell doom on the horizon for these two.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Thankfully, Topher pulls through and doesn’t appear to have any permanent damage to his spine. Right around then, we find out that Michael has a tumor behind his eye which has been causing his poor vision. Sad face. I really hope Michael is okay because he’s my favorite character. Jordan rushes past Scott on her way to check on TC who is still pretty unhinged. He tells her about his PTSD, flashbacks, and survivor’s guilt for his brother’s death. TC finally shows some humility and admits that he should have told someone else about his issues way sooner. He breaks down and sobs in Jordan’s arms which comes off as a very human moment. This element was sorely lacking in his character and I hope the writer’s give him more emotional range next season. In the very last second of that scene, Scott witness Jordan comforting TC and seems upset. Please let this

love triangle end and please let TC get some help that he desperately needs.

That’s all for now folks! I honestly think that this is the strongest episode thus far other than ‘Coming Home’. There’s a lot of great developments here and the episode went by super quickly for me, which is usually a good sign. What did y’all think? Was is your favorite thus far? Did the writers set us up for an exciting second season? What about the additional episodes that have been added? Do you think the writers will make it worth our while? Tell me in the comments below! Happy finale everyone!

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