The Mob Doctor 1×01 ‘Pilot’: More screech than a Bayside hallway

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Am I the only one who notices the overuse of a particular sound effect? Leave the animal hospital where you do shady backdoor deals for the mob: Tires squeal. Pull up to the garage where your greasy mob boss spends his time: Tires squeal. Leave said garage: Tires squeal. Walk into the hospital parking lot: Tires squeal. Mob spy leaves his hiding spot to follow you: Tires squeal. Ram your SUV into said mob boss’ flash car: Tires squeal. OK, so that one was legit, but enough already! That and the theme of Grace always fleeing the scene was just too much. How many times does she say “gotta go”?

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I was reluctant to watch this show because although I love medical dramas, I haven’t become obsessed with any sort of gritty show involving crime and breaking the law since Prison Break. But they had me at Zach Gilford. Though I don’t think he can pass for Jordana Spiro’s boyfriend when her most prominent role was (of what I’ve seen) a nearly-thirty sports writer (My Boys) and his was a high school quarterback (I will slap you if you don‘t already know that reference). Maybe I’m just being narrow minded, because I totally loved her TV-relationship with Kyle Howard, and he looks like a giant twelve-year-old.

Hotness aside, I liked this show. Though I immediately predicted that the mob would want her to kill Severino, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time worrying about whether or not she would go through with it or how she would get away with sparing his life. A few red flags came up, such as how Moretti knows so much about epinephrine and how Grace was able to stay in Chicago the whole time. I guess they’re trying to pass her off as some genius, especially if the chief wanted her to perform open heart surgery on a federal witness, so maybe she had her pick of any medical school and residency program, or maybe the mob had a hand in it.

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I also worried that Michael Rappaport wouldn’t be able to pull off the role of a mob boss when he played a total chump on Prison Break, but he’s gained some weight and aged since then, and I thought he looked fantastic. Some of his dialogue was questionable though, which isn’t his fault at all. For example, when he calls Severino a “trash pail informant.” Whoa, ease up on the language, would ya? You’re talking to a lady here!

I’m not sure if they intended to be so funny, but the scene where Brett tries to tell Suzie she’s pregnant was one of my favorites. Then Grace enters and the conversation evolves into a Star Wars sex-talk metaphor. Though it was kind of creepy that Brett performed a pelvic exam on an unconscious fourteen-year-old, I was rolling on the floor laughing during this part, yet at the same time I can’t help but think, not another hot tub pregnancy! What is this, Glee?

I really love that they played up so many different relationships, not just her mob connections. There’s her mom and brother, who’s another hottie, by the way, her allies (Ro, Brett, and the chief) and enemies (Olivia and Dr. Flanigan) at the hospital, and of course, Constantine and Franco. I’m guessing she and Franco had a prior fling, which will probably get in the way of her relationship with Brett or spark some jealousy if he ever finds out that she’s such a shady lady.

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I didn’t expect Constantine to completely turn on her after killing Moretti though. Before he returned to the head of the family, I had the feeling he was worried about her situation and now he’s going to have her doing the same dirty deeds Moretti had her do. I have a feeling he’ll feel very conflicted about it though, which will add a lot of depth to his character. I suppose without the transference of power, the show would have no premise after Moretti’s death.

What did you think of the pilot? Will you be watching The Mob Doctor this season?

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  • NathanielRichmond

    I have not watched enough episodes of this show to notice
    the she say’s “Gotta Go” a lot in the show, but that would be
    annoying. I have high hopes for this show mainly because I love watching crime
    shows, and I’m tired of watching reality TV shows. I work late nights sometimes
    and when I go into work at the Dish call center, I never know a head of time if
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  • Eric Pharand

    It was a good introduction. There was too much running around in the pilot. Grace was swinging her hips while walking too much when there was a long shot of her.

    • Rae Bradshaw

      In the last episode, they actually point out how much she overuses ‘gotta go,’ which had me slapping my knee. I didn’t notice the hips though…you dog!

      • Eric Pharand

        Someone on also metioned the way she was walking

        “Also… was it just me or the way she walked was very distracting? Loads of shots of her walking toward the camera, and, every time she did, it was like watching a girl trying to walk as if she was on a runaway, especially at the very end of the episode… so weird.” -Might Mad