The Mindy Project 5×07 ‘Revenge of the Nurse’: Happy hundredth

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The hundredth episode is a major milestone for any television show. It proves they’ve been successful enough to make it to such a huge number of episodes. Normally shows go all out to celebrate and display all the talent that got them to one hundred episodes.

While The Mindy Project does celebrate in a way – they bring back a few of Mindy’s ex-boyfriends – the episode spends most of its time seriously focusing on the main character’s flaws. It’s an odd choice for the show’s hundredth episode, as very little celebration happens, and instead Mindy’s relationship with Ben is in serious danger.

It’s an odd choice to make, as just last week Mindy seemed to have accepted her relationship with Ben, even choosing him over Danny. It seemed to solidify that Mindy was growing as a person and attempting to make healthier choices. Now this week she seems to make a 180 and instead becomes petty.

While Mindy’s selfishness is mostly played off as a joke in other episodes, her behavior in this episode is played to the extreme. When she compares Ben to the rest of her ex-boyfriends, she becomes self-conscious that he isn’t rich and famous. While earlier in the episode she bragged about dating someone who’s finally normal, she later on is self-conscious about it. However, she can’t seem to see how well matched she is with Ben. Her exs, like Casey and Jamie, seem to be doing great professionally, but personally they aren’t a good match for her. Casey was too immature for Mindy, and Jamie has transformed into someone pompous and sleazy.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

However, Mindy’s behavior gets even more extreme when she drunkenly makes out with Jamie, thinking that Ben has broken up with her. This seems like extremely out of character behavior for Mindy in the past couple seasons, and a direct move back into the immaturity she’s been leaving behind. This seems less like a realistic move by the character, and more like the writers setting up the audience for a cliffhanger.

While I appreciate that The Mindy Project writers were aiming for a mid-season cliffhanger, it’s a shame that it comes at all the progress Mindy has made in the past seasons. Hopefully we’ll see her move back into maturity in the second half of the season.

Notes and Observations  

  • Jeremy’s streak of bad luck continues, as he cut off his fingertip in this ep. That poor guy can never get a break, can he?
  • So I’m assuming that because no one mentioned it, Danny got married once he failed to hear from Mindy. Oh boy – I don’t think that’s going to end well.
  • Out of all the ex-boyfriends that came back, Josh was my favorite. It’s always so fun to see him awkwardly interact with Mindy.
  • I hope this isn’t the last we see of Ben, as he was a good match for Mindy. I’m guessing the mid-season premiere will start with her attempting to make amends with him.
  • This is my final review for The Mindy Project, due to scheduling issues. I wanted to let everyone reading this know how much fun I’ve had reviewing this show for the past five years. It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

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