The Mindy Project 5×06 ‘Concord’: Moving on

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It’s finally here – the weekend of Danny’s clearly doomed wedding, and it should be no surprise to anyone that Mindy is clearly upset. She has a successful business, a caring boyfriend, and a sweet child, but she’s still shaken. Danny, who she previously thought was the great love of her life, is getting married to another woman. And she’s hearing his voice in photographs. You know, like any sane person would.

In this episode, Danny represents all of Mindy’s worst impulses. When she attempts to keep from interfering in his wedding, the Danny in her head wants her to regress back to her old behavior. She very nearly crashes his wedding before she comes to her senses, thanks in part to a call from Ben.

If Danny represents bad impulses, then Ben shows how far Mindy has progressed. A calm, kind, and understanding partner, Ben gives Mindy her space to deal with the wedding in her own way. He also lets her know how much she means to him, and tries to make sure she’s coping with the pain of Danny’s wedding. The end of the episode, where Mindy rejects Danny’s call and tells Ben she loves him, feels like another step in character progression. She’s moving away from the drama that she had with Danny, and is attempting to have a more stable relationship.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

It’s a sign of how strong a character Chris Messina has made Danny that even though we never seen him in person in this ep., it’s very clear what’s happening to him. He’s marrying a woman he doesn’t love because he’s lonely. He doesn’t have the strength to turn her down, so he’s hoping someone else will do it for him. He knew what he was doing when he told Morgan that he was thinking about Mindy, and then later tried to call her. He’s spiraling, and hoping that he’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone. If Mindy disrupts his wedding, he won’t have to marry Sarah, and he’ll get back together with Mindy. He gets the women he loves, and he doesn’t have to be lonely anymore.

Whereas Mindy is confident in her relationship with Ben, and has a partner who truly understands her, Danny doesn’t. He moved quickly in his relationship with Sarah, and it’s evident they don’t truly understand one another. Annette disapprovingly mentions that Sarah gets pushed around by Danny. After Mindy left him, Danny looked for someone who wouldn’t insist on being an equal partner in the relationship, but rather who would just step back and let him control the situation.

This episode shows that while Mindy is still a work-in-progress, she’s definitely a more mature person than she was a few years ago. In the pilot she crashed a wedding to man she liked (but definitely didn’t love the way she loved Danny), and caused a drunken scene. In this episode, she lets go of the past and lets herself look forward to the future.

Notes and Observations

  • Mindy Kaling actually has a killer singing voice.
  • Annette and Dot have returned! Also, I love that Annette doesn’t really like Sarah, and clearly would have preferred Mindy as a daughter-in-law.
  • “Thank you for finally admitting that I’m better than Rishi.”
  • Even if the episode had been awful (which it wasn’t), the entire ep. was worth it to hear Chris Messina say “Ex-squeeze me?”
  • Sonu first thought snow was cold sugar, which seems like a very Mindy move.

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