The Mindy Project 5×05 ‘Leland Breakfast is the Miracle Worker’: Love and the universe

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For the past few weeks, these reviews have questioned the seriousness of Mindy’s and Ben’s relationship. The show seemed to build them up to as eventually become more than a casual relationship, but after similar instances in the show’s past where relationships ended relatively quickly, it was a toss-up if Mindy and Ben would actually become a serious couple. However, this episode seems to answer that question, finally confirming that Ben and Mindy are in this relationship for the long haul.

Initially this episode looks like the end of Ben and Mindy’s relationship, as Mindy realizes that Ben has been seeing other women. He argues that they haven’t talked about being monogamous, but Mindy is hurt. Her relationship with Ben in doubt, Mindy turns to Jeremy’s old “friend”/bully, Leland Breakfast, who stars as Doctor Universe in what is an obvious Marvel parody movie. Leland Breakfast is too annoying to really be counted as one of Mindy’s great one-episode love interests. He’s condescending and nasty to Jeremy and Mindy, and is too arrogant. But that’s okay, as his presence is really just meant to make Mindy and Ben get even closer.

Ben eventually confesses that he believed that Mindy wouldn’t want to seriously date him, as she’s a fancy Manhattan doctor. Mindy reacts incredulously, as she sees her life as a mess. But Ben thinks she’s great, and worries that she’s too good for him. Ben sees the best in Mindy, and holds her in higher esteem than she holds herself. Ben holds Mindy in high-esteem, showing that their relationship is growing deepening.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Meanwhile, Anna is fitting in well with the Shulman doctors. Her no-nonsense attitude and irritation with the staff’s unprofessionalism makes a nice contrast to the rest of the doctors. However, I am weary of her interactions with Jody, as it looks as though the show might pair the two up. While Anna is a better match for Jody than Mindy was (her directness and practical attitude help Jody), I hope the characters wait a bit before starting a romance. Anna is such a new character, and Jody is still getting over his crush on Mindy. I want to see the writers explore new stories for the characters before putting Jody back into another romantic storyline.

Notes and Observations

  • Jeremy’s cape makes a triumphant return. As does Mindy lying on the floor in distress.
  • “I was back at my gymnastics met an hour after my grandfather’s trial…” And now I really want more backstory on Anna.
  • Colette randomly dances and eats ice cream while Morgan films it. I think those two are a bad influence on each other.
  • “Every day I have to watch Mindy butter her doughnut while she microwaves her bacon.” How has Mindy not had a heart attack yet?
  • “THERE. NOW YOU KISSED SOMEONE ELSE. BE NORMAL AGAIN.” I might not like Anna and Jody’s flirtation, but I did laugh at this.

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