The Mindy Project 5×03 ‘Margaret Thatcher’: An attack of the heart


The strike between nurses and doctors is one of The Mindy Project’s more compelling storylines. The strike is an interesting problem to give the Shulman staff. For once, it’s not just a problem that the Shulman staff brought on themselves through some misunderstanding. Granted, Mindy did play a huge part in it, but the strike is a serious problem and is about more than just the Shulman doctors and nurses. The consequences are much larger and more serious for everyone involved.

The strike ends up bringing out the best and worst in all of the Shulman doctors. Thanks to the nurses being gone for over a month, the office falls apart. Shulman and Associates can barely work when they have a full staff – without the nurses there, it’s mayhem. Jeremy’s on the verge of a total mental and physical breakdown, Jody wants the strike to be over so he can see Colette again, and Mindy just wants to make out with Ben. As Beverley points out, the office is in serious trouble. You know it’s bad when Beverley’s forced to be the voice of reason.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Ed Weeks is great as the strike forces Jeremy to assume even more responsibility. Over the course of five seasons his character has transformed from a charming womanizer to a dorky, insecure mess. The more he tries keep the practice afloat, the more neurotic he becomes. As the negotiator for the doctors in the strike, Weeks plays this up in full force. Poor Jeremy crumbles so quickly under the pressure, bringing some of the biggest laughs to the episode. From holding up an “adult coloring book” that’s actually just scribbles to resignedly telling Mindy that he knew she was going to give him a heart attack “from the moment I met you”, the episode is a great comedic showcase for Weeks.

The good thing about the strike is that it brings out the best in Mindy. When she sees that Ben, who has selflessly been helping her child (without pay), is about to get cheated, her conscience kicks in. Mindy’s romantic relationships are at their best when they bring out something new in her. From past romantic endeavors, she’s learned that she wants a quieter life now, a man who’s interested in her son as well as her, and a responsible boyfriend. From Danny she learned that she loves the life she currently has, and won’t give it up. Hopefully her relationship with Ben will reveal another new side of Mindy.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

There’s still the question of how invested the show will get in this relationship. While Ben and his banter with Mindy is enjoyable, there’s still the question of how long he will stick around. Mindy’s had many relationships over the fourth season, and none of them lasted very long. It’s getting increasingly hard to get invested in the show’s romantic relationships when it doesn’t seem like the relationship will be long-lived. Hopefully Ben will stick around, but the audience will just have to watch to find out.

Notes and Observations

  • Beverley is working at Shulman and Associates only because they forget to do her background check. That sounds right in line with the level of competence we’ve seen from Shulman’s doctors.
  • The sight of Morgan walking several dogs, along with a dog strapped to his chest, is adorable.
  • Jeremy’s adult coloring book is a little unnerving. Thank goodness the strike is over, because I was more than a little worried about Jeremy, guys.
  • One of Colette’s birthday party guys was Jane Lynch, and now I really want the story of how those two met.
  • I love how, even with Jody there, Jeremy wants his bird to call 911.

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