The Mindy Project 5×02 ‘Nurses’ Strike’: Romance strikes


Well that was fast.

Last week I predicted that despite turning down Jody and Danny, Mindy would find love again. It seems that I was right as a new love interest, in the form of a pediatrician nurse named Ben, has popped up. He’s one of the nurses who looks after Leo, but he’s also a complication in Mindy’s working life.

The nurses at Shulman and Associates seem to have finally come to the conclusion that they don’t get treated well, and go on strike for better treatment. It’s a plot that’s been subtly building up throughout the seasons, as it’s evident from Morgan’s lack of money and poor health that the nurses desperately need more from the Shulman doctors. Of course, Mindy, Jody, and Jeremy aren’t exactly the most reasonable people to negotiate with. Not even the fact that Morgan’s coughing up blood into a pair of underwear (handkerchiefs are too expensive) sways them.

The strike storyline blends both Mindy’s personal and work lives together. Mindy doesn’t want to give any more money to the nurses when she’s trying to buy the apartment upstairs from Jody, an apartment she wants to give to Leo. However, when Leo gets sick, she needs the nurses’ help. Matt’s the one who secretly helps Leo, earning Mindy’s respect.

Ben seems to be an ideal love interest for Mindy with stage she’s at in her life. Mindy’s a working mother who is trying to be a fantastic doctor and mother. Danny was unable to understand Mindy’s need to a doctor, while Jody and Mindy’s worldviews were very different. Ben and Mindy seem to hit it off right away, as they are both working parents who seem be excellent at their careers and parenting.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

I hope Matt sticks around to be a long-term love interest. The Mindy Project has been changing love interests too frequently, especially in the case of Jody. Last season it appeared he was gaining respect for Mindy and was being set up as a love interest, this season they’re once again at odds.

I’m hoping Mindy either really does focus on finding herself, or has a long-term relationship, so the show can explore other stories. In the last episode, Mindy mentioned that she wanted to pay attention to herself, and I’m hoping that happens. I want to see Mindy taking on new challenges, and not just in the romance department.

Notes and Observations

  • Brendan Deslaurier is back and I am so happy. Hopefully Mindy working with the midwives pops up more in later episodes.
  • Nasim Pedrad makes an always welcome cameo as Leo’s pediatrician. Since we’ll probably be seeing more of Matt, I hope we see more of her as well.
  • We get a brief bit of Mindy calling her mom, which makes me wish we had more episodes with Mindy’s parents.
  • Based on this episode, I’m pretty sure that Morgan and Colette would be lost without Tamra. She’s the brains of the group.
  • So Mindy now has three, count ‘em, three jobs. Three pretty intense and demanding jobs. Am I the only one who wonders how she has time to sleep?

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