The Mindy Project 4×21 ‘Princeton Charming’: Boy trouble

Mindy and Friends

While watching The Mindy Project this week, I couldn’t help but get a little bored. The plot was about Mindy meeting (and arguing with) a cute guy, going on a date with him, and then hoping they might have a future together. After the ep. was over, I realized I was bored because, well, I’ve already seen this plot before. I’ve seen it several times this season.

I’m getting tired of the boyfriends of the week. They last an episode, maybe two, and then disappear. I understand that Mindy’s next serious relationship will most likely be Jody, but that doesn’t mean all of her boyfriends have to vanish so quickly. In the first two seasons, when the show was building up to Mindy dating Danny, she dated some truly funny guys: Josh, Casey, Cliff, and Charlie are the first that come to mind. Each had their own distinct personality and had some great episodes in the show. Now, Mindy’s new boyfriends come and go so fast they barely have time to have a personality.

I could also say the same about Jody’s new girlfriend Courtney. For most of the episode, we don’t know much about her other than she’s sensitive to the cold and sneezes a lot. I understand she’s supposed to annoy Mindy, but there’s no reason why she has to annoy the audience as well. The Mindy Project has been great at writing characters that annoy our heroes, but entertain the audience. Unfortunately, Courtney’s not one of them. We do see hints of the fun character she could become, when she gently cheers Mindy on for hooking up with the football coach. I’d like to see Courtney show a more playful side, but I’m not sure if it’s a hope worth expressing if she’ll be gone in the next episode (as I’m guessing she will be).

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

If I seem hard on the show, it’s only that I know they can do better. They’ve made some great short-term love interests, to the point where some of the all time best eps. of the show have included them. They’ve even been great at pushing Mindy to romance – Josh’s deception allowed Mindy and Danny to bond, Cliff made Danny realize he needed Mindy in his life, and Charlie was a real threat to Danny and Mindy striking up a relationship. I want to see that same quality now in Mindy and Jody’s romantic partners. I want them to stick around for a couple of episodes, want to see them develop real personalities and actually make a connection with the main characters. If the show runners want us to believe that Mindy and Jody need each other, even with other compatible partners out there, they have to make those partners seem real and a threat to Mindy and Jody’s relationship. It’s a goal that’s very possible, as I’ve seen the show do it before and I know they can do it again.

Notes and Observations

  • Morgan’s weekend plans: stare at the wall and wait for Monday.
  • The Hamilton references continue. Seriously, someone on this show must love that musical.
  • Maria Thayer plays Jody’s girlfriend Courtney. While she’s not given a lot to do here, I would recommend checking her out on Adult Swim’s Eagleheart, which was a hilarious and odd show.
  • Mindy plans to make Morgan sleep on the floor when her room has two beds. That poor guy just can’t catch a break.
  • Mindy got Jody a belt buckle with his name, which is adorable.

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