The Mindy Project 4×19 ‘Baby Got Backslide’: The boy with the Minion Tattoo

Mindy Casey

Over the course of the series, Mindy Lahiri’s had a fair amount of serious boyfriends: Josh, Cliff, Danny, etc. But none of them were as close to fully committing to Mindy as Casey was. Even Danny, who spent four seasons loving Mindy, didn’t get as close to the alter as Casey did. Mindy and Casey would have been married if not for a last second change of heart from Casey, who put the wedding on hold in order to let the couple have time to plan a larger one. This gave Mindy time to realize that she and Casey were incompatible, and to call off the wedding.

It’s no wonder that in all the drama of the past year, Mindy starts to backslide into a romance with Casey. He’s familiar and comfortable, not to mention a millionaire. How could Mindy not be a little tempted? As an audience member though, Casey doesn’t hold the same allure that he does for Mindy. We’ve seen all of this before: Mindy being tempted by restarting a relationship with Casey, Casey’s immaturity, their inability to form a lasting relationship… This is familiar ground, and this episode doesn’t add anything new to Casey and Mindy’s failed romance.

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What does stand out is Casey’s friend Marcus (an incredibly charming Ne-Yo) who is a perfect match for Mindy. He’s more mature and sensible, causing Mindy to fall for him within minutes. It’s a moment that illustrates just how much Mindy has grown up over the course of the show. She was with Casey for months in the first two seasons, almost marrying him before realizing they weren’t a good match. Now she’s with Casey for less than an episode before seeing that they shouldn’t be together. Mindy’s grown up – she wants to be in a relationship with a mature adult.

Jody’s also figuring out what he wants in a relationship, with the answer being: Mindy. It seems like the show is heading towards a Mindy and Jody relationship, with Jody’s crush on Mindy continuing, and Tamra giving him a make-over. The two are gravitating closer and closer to each other, with Jody now fully accepting his feelings for Mindy. He just has to get up the courage to confess.

This episode was all about setting up future plotlines: Mindy is now dating Marcus, and has discovered what she wants in a man. Meanwhile, Jody is getting closer to telling Mindy how he feels. With only seven episodes left in the season, Jody’s crush is going to grow more and more obvious. The only questions are when he’ll finally get the courage to declare his feelings to Mindy, and if she’ll return them.

Notes and Observations

  • Someone on the writing staff loves Hamilton.
  • “That’s what I wanted to hear, so that’s what I’m going to listen to.” That’s pretty much Mindy’s motto on taking advice from others.
  • Tamra runs an award winning lifestyle blog. She also has blackmail info on almost everyone in the office. And she once dated George Clooney. I really want a web series or spinoff about Tamra’s life.
  • Best visual joke of the episode: Mindy with the meat sword.
  • I loved Casey’s reaction to Mindy selling his engagement ring for a Jacuzzi: “…that’s way baller of you and I’ve always appreciated that…”

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