The Mindy Project 4×17 ‘Mindy Lahiri is DTF’: Elementary, my dear Mindy

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Mindy’s foray back into the dating world has been odd, to say the least. Not only has she continued to have the bad luck that plagued her romantic endeavors before she met Danny, but Jody is starting to have feelings for her. Now she’s so desperate for sex, she’s starting to have weird dreams about Morgan.

But the big news for the episode is that Danny has returned, having gotten Jody’s letter to Mindy (he sent it to her old address). As anyone who’s watched the show knows, Danny has a huge problem when it comes to jealousy, especially with Mindy. It makes sense that the only thing to push him into visiting Shulman and Associates would be the idea of Jody dating Mindy.

Unfortunately, Danny shows that he hasn’t learned anything from his break-up with Mindy. He’s infuriated with Jody’s letter, even though it’s been months since his separation from Mindy. He immediately declares that Jody and Mindy’s flirtation is over, even though it’s none of his business. When Jody points out that Mindy might want to go out with him, Danny snaps “I don’t care about what Mindy wants anymore. It’s about what I want.”

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Danny’s inability to see a situation from a different perspective is what caused his break-up. Now he’s still stuck in his selfishness, attempting to interfere in a part of Mindy’s life which he doesn’t have any say in anymore. It’s sad to see Danny still in his old patterns, but it’s a good reminder of why he and Mindy broke up. Although Chris Messina is a great part of the show, Danny is too unhealthy to be a part of Mindy’s life right now.

However, Danny does make a good point in his argument with Jody. He suggests that if Mindy was unable to make a relationship with him work, then a relationship with Jody would also be doomed to failure. This is actually a pretty good point. Jody is even more old-fashioned than Danny, and his relationship with Mindy is similar to her friendship with Danny. Danny also started the series as a close friend who encouraged Mindy to be a fantastic doctor. Then they had a baby together and everything changed. Once they had a child, Danny preferred Mindy to be a stay at home mom. Jody’s already expressed similar views in earlier episodes – would his relationship with Mindy just be a repeat of her romance with Danny?

However, Danny should have left that theory to be decided upon by Mindy and Jody. Sabotaging Mindy’s flirtation with Jody is just possessive and out of line. I’d like to think he realized that on the elevator with Mindy, where he told her to “make good choices”, but I’m not sure. Danny almost always thinks he’s in the right, and it takes a lot to change his mind.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Still, at least Mindy has made some progress at the end of the episode. After getting blown off by Jody, she decides to finally just tell people what she wants. This ends with her starting a new romance with a bartender, played by the affable Kyle Bornheimer. While Danny might not be making any progress, at least Mindy is growing emotionally.

Notes and Observations

  • Even though I dislike Danny, Chris Messina is still a great actor. Danny’s actions are irritating, but Messina makes sure we know they come from a place of intense sadness, making Danny slightly sympathetic.
  • Mindy refers to Jody as a “Civil War ghost”.
  • Jeremy dressed up as Sherlock Holmes for Jody’s viewing party, because he’s an adorable nerd. I love how this second half of the season has made Jeremy much more fun, rather than just a sad sack with a horrible love life.
  • I enjoyed Eliza Coupe’s return as Mindy’s wild friend Chelsea.
  • Only Jody would leave a viewing party to go ponder in his study.

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