The Mindy Project 4×15 ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’: The boyfriends are back


I never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness Mindy Lahiri is dating again.

This week’s episode of The Mindy Project was a pleasant break from the rest of the season. Most of season four has centered around Mindy and Danny’s slowing dying relationship, with arguing and yelling and heartbreak (for the audience as well as the characters). True, there were jokes in the episodes, but at the core of the season was a very serious issue. Mindy Kaling addressed how hard it can be to be a working mother, and how even loving relationships can eventually turn toxic. It elevated the series to a new level of acting and writing, but it also was dark for a comedy. I have to admit, it’s nice to get an episode that doesn’t have drama, but is all about jokes.

Mindy’s dating life was a huge topic back in the first two seasons of the show, and for good reason. Mindy Lahiri’s outspokenness and almost supernatural ability to find the worst guy within 10 yards of her was a source of great comedy. Apparently Mindy still has the worst luck with her romantic life, as her first boyfriend after breaking up with Danny is Bryant, a guy who at first glance appears normal, and probably is, when he’s not grieving over his broken engagement. But because Mindy has the worst luck, she meets Bryant when he’s hoping to find a new girlfriend to make his former fiancée jealous.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

While I didn’t think Bryant was particularly funny (he seemed more desperate than hilarious), I loved everyone’s reactions to him. I think this is the most we’ve seen of Shulman employees in a while, and they all had their moment to shine. Tamra helped Mindy spy on Bryant’s former fiancé, Jeremy was overly enthusiastic (“By God Mindy, hold onto him. Like a flagpole in a tornado!”), and Jody seemed ready to write the whole thing off as a disaster. Although, as the end of the episode shows, there might be a deeper reason for that.

Mindy and Jody appear to have a flirtatious moment at the end of the episode. I’m not quite sure what this means: is the show playing up Jody’s inability to be alone, is it just an awkward joke between the two, or are they actually developing feelings for one another? I’m hoping that Jody just has a crush on Mindy, as I’m not sure I want them to become a couple.

Mindy and Jody are fantastic as friends – Mindy immediately leaving the party to comfort Jody and bonding with him over ice cream was both sweet and hilarious. Their friendship is growing surprisingly strong, and Jody is becoming increasingly fond of Mindy. I hope the show continues to put an emphasis on Mindy and Jody’s bond, but I want that bond to be platonic, not romantic.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Notes and Observations

  • Jeremy will now only date women with female children, as he thinks that any male child would eventually kill him.
  • Mindy straining to hold two dogs in the background was adorable.
  • “You know that Grey Gardens runs in our family.” And just like that, I want to meet Jody and Colette’s family.
  • I would not trust Morgan as a babysitter. Mindy is a great mom, but that is just poor judgment on her part.
  • So, if Jody does have feelings for Mindy, who wants to anticipate Danny’s reaction? I’m guessing it will not be pretty.

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