The Mindy Project 4×14 ‘Will They or Won’t They’: Where do we go from here?


When we last left the not-so-happy couple of Mindy and Danny, it was on one of the most depressing Christmas mornings ever, as Mindy had just realized her relationship with Danny wasn’t healthy. Mindy Kaling seems to have known that any more episodes of Mindy and Danny yelling at one another would permanently break the audience’s heart, and fast-forwards through all of the drama in a four-minute montage.

As the opening montage shows, things got heartbreaking, and then weird. Such as Mindy actually learning how to cook, Jody becoming the voice of reason, and Danny quitting Shulman and Associates.

Mindy and Danny broke up, and things are actually…really good for Mindy. She’s learning new skills in order to take good care of herself and Leo, her fertility business is booming, and her friends are beside her every step of the way. I’m actually way more excited about this new step of Mindy’s life than heartbroken about her breakup with Danny. She’s growing and becoming the best possible version of herself.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Speaking of emotional growth, we see Jody and Mindy grow even closer during this episode. As a business partner, he is there as her sounding board and ends up giving really good advice. It fits in with one of the themes of the show: being around Mindy makes people better. I hope the show digs even deeper into their friendship – he’s probably the person closest to Mindy right now, he’s her business partner and also knows her emotional patterns.

Contrary to Mindy and Jody, Danny is free falling after his breakup from Mindy. He’s sleeping with random women while also sleeping with Mindy, he’s quit his job, and seems to have semi-deluded himself into thinking that Mindy won’t ever date again. It’s hard to watch him turn back into the gruff, closed-off Danny from the earlier seasons. It makes total sense for the character to turn back into his season one version, but it’s also sad to watch. Even with all the mistakes he made in his ep. – not showing up for couples’ therapy, blaming Mindy entirely for their breakup, claiming that he needs sex while implying that Mindy should remain abstinent for the rest of their life – I still care about the character, because Chris Messina reminds you that all that behavior is just a cover for the hurt he feels. Danny has never been good at adjusting to new situations, and in one swoop he’s lost the woman he loves, his friends, and his job. Ouch.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

The Mindy Project is a show that brings up old sitcom plots, and promptly makes them interesting again. The two main characters get together? It reveals a deeper side to both characters. The couple has a baby? The show takes the opportunity to talk about working mothers and the pressure society puts on them. The couple breaks up? Mindy comes out of it stronger and better than ever. Whatever stories this season wants to throw at me, go ahead. It’s only made the show better and I can’t wait for what comes next.

Notes and Observations

  • My heart melted at the fact that Peter came back to help Mindy deal with her breakup and fix up Leo’s nursery.
  • I also loved that the Deslaurier brothers ambushed Mindy with hugs after hearing about her breakup. Underneath all their bluster they actually do (kind of) care about Mindy.
  • DANNY’S DONALD DUCK VOICE IS THE CUTEST THING ON THE PLANET. Chris Messina is a national treasure.
  • My heart broke at Annette and Dot cutting up Mindy and Danny’s pictures. Annette and Mindy were just getting close; Mindy had called her “Ma”!
  • “There is a clause in the application that says no girl shall vanish into the night.”

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