The Mindy Project 4×10 ‘The Departed’: The Returned

Happy Mindy

Danny Castelllano has returned to The Mindy Project, much to the excitement of the title character. While we haven’t seen him yet, it was wonderful seeing Mindy’s delighted smile as she heard “Fat Bottomed Girls” outside her apartment, knowing that Danny was right outside. It was a surprise for the character and the audience, although we really should have seen it coming – this entire episode was a send-off to the Danny-free arc the show has been doing.

Mindy and Peter finally got to have an episode all about them, and the odd situations they constantly seem to find themselves in. All Mindy wants to do is sell her apartment – a cut and dry problem. Once Peter comes along for the ride they find themselves at a bereavement support group, lying about how their spouses died on movie sets. Mindy and Peter are so alike, that putting them together is recipe for disaster. Even if one wants to do the right thing, the other will quickly veto them. Still, this plot doesn’t seem as funny as pervious episodes starring the two. This might be because Peter and Mindy haven’t had a plot together for a while, or because tricking a bereavement support group seems a little mean spirited.

Photo Source: Hulu

Photo Source: Hulu

Still, the episode makes up for it with Peter and Mindy having a heart-to-heart. Next to Danny, Peter has always been the best one to get through to Mindy. His talk with Mindy, where he pointed out that she lets Danny make all the decisions, was a touching moment between the two friends. Peter is clearly rooting for Mindy and Danny’s relationship, but he also wants his best friend to stand up for herself. Danny and Mindy need to be involved in important discussions, especially about when Danny would come home. Caring for a father is important, but he also needs to be there for his stressed-out wife and young child. I’m glad that Mindy came to that realization, and it hope it doesn’t get lost in the all the joy of Danny coming back.

The Mindy Project has made the most of its Danny-free weeks: attempting to build on Jody’s character, bringing Peter back, and letting Mindy Kaling showcase her talents as a hilarious stressed out mom. But I’m glad that Danny’s back. Even though the show is still good when he’s not around, it works better when he’s there. Whereas Mindy is outrageous and trendy, he’s grumpy and old-fashioned. The show is at its best when they’re around to bounce off each other.

Thank goodness Danny’s home, and I hope he stays for a very long time.

Notes and Observations

  • “I don’t think Danny would mind you doing keg stands with Apolo Ohno.”
  • “Hey Mindy what happened last night? You didn’t say goodbye after I betrayed you.” I love Peter.
  • “There’s a scholarship in Tulane at my name now, so that’s nice.” It was nice seeing Lauren too – and it was probably the only way Peter was actually going to leave New York. He was having way too much fun annoying Mindy.
  • Tamra has a beautiful singing voice. Her subplot with Morgan and Colette was okay, but I didn’t really enjoy the hints that she wanted to get back together with Morgan.
  • Danny’s fake death: he was holding onto a boom mike on the set of Everest and got taken away by an eagle who grabbed the mike. Super realistic.

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