The Mindy Project 4×09 ‘Jody Kimball-Kenney is My Husband: A friend in need

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The Mindy Project started off with a simple premise: one woman trying to improve her life. She wanted to be a better person, and make her life perfect. But as the show continued, something funny happened: she ended up making everyone else’s life better as well.

Mindy’s helped her work partners before: Danny’s become much more easy-going around her, and Peter went from attempting to sleep with a Christmas tree to having a wife and child. Mindy was instrumental in their changes, pointing out uncomfortable truths and supporting them as they attempted to become a better person. One of the most ironic parts of the show is that Mindy, in attempting to become perfect (and failing), is actually helping bring out the best in the people around her.

Jody Kimball-Kenney is no exception. He started the season as a jerk who lectured Mindy on breastfeeding her child in public, and slowly became a reluctant friend who offers to help Mindy as much as he scoffs at her. They aren’t nearly as close as Mindy and Danny are, or even Mindy and Peter. But that’s to be expected, as these shifts in character take time. After all, Peter was constantly annoyed by Mindy when he first started working with her.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Each new friend for Mindy has provided a new challenge for her, and it’s fun to see her clash with Jody. They might hate every single word that comes out of each other’s mouths, but Jody and Mindy are slowly learning to get along. This is fun to watch, especially when it consists of Mindy attempting to make a romantic backstory for them that’s actually quite sad, and then deal with a drunk Jody when things don’t go his way.

Garrett Dillahunt does his best comedic work when he gets to play Jody as drunk. Jody is such a stiff, laced-up character (due to his Southern background and manner) that it’s hard to see him as amusing as Danny or Peter. The fun of watching those characters with Mindy was because they got to act crazy and outrageous with her. Jody is too refined to get sucked into Mindy’s nonsense constantly, and when he does pair up with her, he still tries to keep a straight face. This is why drunk Jody is fun – he’s got no barriers up, he says the first thing that comes into his mouth. Garrett Dillahunt plays this moment for all it’s worth, showing Jody’s awkward and self-conscious side under all his blunder.

I have high hopes for Mindy and Jody’s friendship, and I want to see more episodes starring the two of them. I just hope that Mindy convinces Jody to let his walls down and stop acting so stiff all the time. After all, it’s when he’s allowed to show his flaws that he’s at his funniest.

Notes and Observations

  • Mindy and Colette have a sweet friendship. Mindy’s little scream of excitement when she heard that Colette’s bowling team was in the championships was so adorable.
  • An update on Danny’s time in California: “Dad fed his meds to the dog and now we need a new dog.” Ouch.
  • Jeremy’s alma mater: The Essex School for Unloved Boys. The motto: “You’re useless.”
  • Favorite Mindy story of the ep.: She once gave the Louvre one star on Yelp.
  • The admissions direction seeing Danny’s picture: “Is he a marionette?”
  • Wise advice from Jody: “Well, it’s clear what we both have to do. Double down on our impossible dreams.” I laughed so hard at this line I had to pause the episode.

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