The Mindy Project 4×08 ‘Later, Baby’: Old friends and new friends


Back in seasons 2 and 3, Peter was one of The Mindy Project’s greatest characters. Originally presented as an overgrown frat-boy, he soon became fast friends with Mindy and grew as a person over the course of the show. He was one of Mindy’s greatest supporters, helping her get together with Danny, and gave Mindy one of the most eventful moments of her life by delivering the news that she was pregnant. That’s why, when he showed up in this episode, I was extremely excited. I was less excited when Peter’s story was all about his friendship with Jeremy, rather than Mindy.

I was disappointed that most of Peter’s time was spent with Jeremy, rather than Mindy. Peter and Mindy have always been a great combination; they’re hilarious together. It seems a shame to bring Peter back for an episode, and not have him share screen time with Mindy, especially when they have such a good rapport.

But if Peter and Jeremy’s story was dull, I enjoyed watching Mindy and Jody grow closer. The show has gradually had the audience warming up to Jody: we’ve seen him react to his sister’s coming out, watch him attempt to help raise Jeremy’s self confidence, and argue/banter with Mindy. Mindy’s realization in this episode – that Jody, deep down, might actually be a good guy – lets their tentative friendship finally start. Granted, Jody has done some gross and unacceptable things, but Mindy has a knack for bringing out the best in people. Remember what Danny and Peter were like before becoming friends with Mindy? Hopefully she can bring out the best in Jody, too. I’m looking forward to their friendship, mainly because they’re hilarious together.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

However, Jody, Peter, and Jeremy can’t make up for the lack of Danny. Although the episodes have been funny without him, I’m starting to miss Danny and Mindy together. Their relationship has been the source of some of the series’ best episodes. It makes sense that the show wouldn’t be the same without Danny. His phone call to Mindy at the end of the ep. made me realize just how much he needed to come back. So far, the show’s doing fine without him, but just how long can it continue before Danny’s absence starts to hurt it?

Notes and Observations

  • Jody’s attempt at being comforting: “Mother had a fleet of help to raise us, and she still spiraled into insanity.”
  • “Morgan, are you listening outside the door?” “ALWAYS!” And that’s Morgan in a nutshell.
  • Tamra’s not always a great cousin: she once left Cousin Sheena for two days at an airport.
  • Mindy’s choice of energy drink: “FDA banned that stuff after those teens danced themselves to death.”
  • Mindy’s way of waking up sans energy drink: “Morgan! C’mere, I need you to slap me in the face!”

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