The Mindy Project 4×04 ‘The Bitch Is Back’: Dr. Jody is in

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The Mindy Project has seen a lot of doctors come and go: Shulman, Peter, and Adrian. It’s become a way to get guest stars onto the show: bring them on for a few episodes as a doctor and then write them out. Each actor brought something new and different to the table, and even though Peter was my favorite, I liked each new doctor. Well, I did like each new doctor, right before the show brought on Garrett Dillahunt as Dr. Jody, an obnoxious new doctor who clashes with Mindy.

I was really excited to see Dillahunt on the show, as he’s a great comedic actor who made his mark in another baby-centric show Raising Hope. He seemed a perfect fit for this new season of The Mindy Project as it introduced Leo, and to match wits with Mindy and the rest of doctors. But this entire episode seemed designed to make the character as unlikable as possible, and not even in a humorous way. I suppose he was created to be the completely opposite of Mindy: a formal, uptight doctor who refuses to see eye to eye with Mindy. Previously Danny filled that role, but in the most recent episodes Danny’s mellowed out, even going along with Mindy schemes (his only request is that Mindy not plot in front of him, as he might have to testify against her in court).

Photo Source: Hulu

Photo Source: Hulu

The biggest flaw with Jody is that we never see him when he’s not being arrogant. His sister Colette (who I really liked) claims this is because he’s nervous and unused to the big city. Once you have this information, his actions in the episode become more understandable. He’s overcompensating for being an outsider in the city, and is uncomfortable at not fitting in. I wish the show have let Jody himself give us that information, to show him in a sympathetic light. As for now, we’ll just have to trust Colette that Jody will eventually become nicer. After all, Danny started out the show as a bit of a jerk, and now he’s a doting father and fiancé.

Danny just wants Mindy and Leo to be happy, and in his mind, that means that Mindy should consider staying at home with Leo. Danny’s reasoning was touching: he never had a parent around when he was growing up. He just wants his son to know that someone will always be there for him. But Mindy, at heart, needs her work. It’s been a part of her for all four seasons, and she can’t let go of it not either. Although it’s hard to break that news to a man who just got a tattoo of your son’s name for you. Good luck, Mindy.

Photo Source: Hulu

Photo Source: Hulu

Notes and Observations

  • More on the really awful treatment of Morgan: he doesn’t have holidays off.
  • Jeremy’s idea of rebelling: using paper napkins and walking barefoot in the grass.
  • Mindy on how to get rid of Jody: “…frame him for murder, but where would we find the body?”
  • Beverly on how to get Mindy the perfect present: “Meet me in the sewers at dawn.” I would pay money to see that episode.
  • Tamra and Danny at the jewelry store was one of my favorite parts of the ep. I really wish the writers had her interact more with Danny and Mindy.

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