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The Mindy Project 4×02 ‘C is for coward’: Hello Leo

Mindy Morgan

Mindy and Danny never agree on anything, especially when it comes to big life decisions. It’s the main idea behind 80% of the show’s stories. So it should come as no surprise that when a situation as important and significant as child birth is about to happen, Mindy and Danny can’t agree.

The characters use their OB/GYN training to arrive at completely different conclusions. Mindy, having seen all the pain and terror of childbirth (not to mention all the ways it can go wrong), wants to deliver her child with no pain and fuss. In typical Mindy style she arranges for an over the top birthing suite, complete with spa water in the IVs and a five day knockout package. Danny wants Mindy to be present and fully awake at the birth of their child. From all his work, he argues that women’s bodies are prepared for childbirth and she can do it without any drugs or fancy birthing suite.

Of course, all these plans go up in smoke when Mindy ends up getting stuck on the subway and giving birth there.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Mindy giving birth on the subway is absolutely perfect in my book. It allows all the characters to be forcibly gathered in one place and create absolute chaos. It brings back the Deslaurier brothers, who are always great guests, to try to nurse Mindy through childbirth. I love how Mindy’s professional enemies, whose birthing rituals are so opposite to hers, are the ones she ends up relying on to help her. To his credit, Brendan really does try to help to help Mindy (except for letting her have alcohol and refusing to punch her, but those aren’t exactly A+ ideas anyway). “I’m stumped. We’ve tried mantras, herbs, everything but modern medicine,” Brendan says, making me wish he could be a cast member on the show.

While Danny’s run through the subway was romantic, the best part was only Danny being able to reach out and comfort Mindy. The rest of the characters were useless because they don’t understand and know Mindy like Danny does. Sure Tamra can try to knock out Mindy, Beverly can offer liquor to dull the pain, and Morgan can just…be Morgan, but none of them know how to calm down Mindy and make her feel strong. It’s only Danny who can get through to Mindy and make her realize she’s strong enough to give birth to their son, Leo Castellano.

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

So welcome to the show Leo, and may you somehow grow up into a normal person surrounded by your crazy parents and their crazy friends. Good luck little Castellano. I’m rooting for you.

Notes and Observations

  • Mindy Kaling really killed in the acting department in this episode, with her panic and pain so realistic that it made me wince.
  • The best part of Brendan and Duncan’s commercial: “Stone age health care is finally here.”
  • Jeremy has a small subplot about how unlikeable he is at the office, which doesn’t really go anywhere. I did enjoy Jeremy helping Danny realize that Mindy wasn’t trying to sleep through childbirth because she didn’t care, but because she was scared.
  • Modern hip lingo, according to Mindy and Morgan: “fleek” and “cool”. Yep, that’ll totally convince women to freeze their eggs. (As will Frisbees from Chernobyl.)
  • Duncan’s idea of music close to Beyoncé is a ukulele version of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”.
  • I love the idea that Mindy’s baby was born on a subway because someone fell onto the tracks while filming a viral video. Actually, that sounds like the kind of thing Mindy might do while making a video.

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