The Mindy Project 3×19 ‘Confessions of a Catho-Holic”: Father Stephen (Colbert)

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Hello everybody! Sorry that this review is a little late – I typically watch The Mindy Project on iTunes, but with iTunes having problems this week, I didn’t get to download it until today. But enough about my computer problems, let’s talk about Danny and his Catholic problems. Specifically, the fact that he might have killed his last priest.

Okay, he probably didn’t kill his priest – the priest probably just got a heart attack during Danny’s confession. Still, the fact that Danny was confessing to living with his girlfriend (after impregnating her) made Danny worry that he was going to hell.  This idea was enforced by his new priest Father Michael, played by the hilarious Stephen Colbert. Father Michael held a grudge against Danny from his childhood, and was determined to find any evidence of wrongdoing.

This episode was one of the funniest in recent memory, with Mindy desperately trying to pretend to be the perfect Catholic girlfriend. Surprisingly, Mindy ended up being a perfect pretend Catholic, getting Morgan to text her bible verses and adopting the last name “McPherson.”  It was Danny who blew their cover to the priest, confessing that he wasn’t ashamed of Mindy or his child, as they had made him the happiest he had ever been. If you didn’t think that was one of the sweetest moments in the show, then I’m not sure you have a heart.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Meanwhile, the rest of Shulman and Associates were trying to avoid Jeremy’s one man play “An American Tale” (no relation to the movie), one doctor’s journey to American and away from his horrifying family. Jeremy’s awful acting, along with his melodramatic writing  (at least I’m hoping that his tales of his family were over exaggerated) make this a hilarious plot. The fact that Morgan accidentally starts a fire in Jeremy’s theatre makes it even funnier.

We’re starting to wrap up this season of The Mindy Project, with all signs pointing to Mindy’s baby being born in the season finale. I’m looking forward to the birth of little baby Lahiri-Castellano and the ensuing chaos that will happen because of it.

Notes and Observations

  • Jeremy’s take on American culture: “…no respect for the arts. That’s why you have to come crawling to us [Great Britain] for your Lincolns and your Batmans.”
  • Mindy’s had a podcast about her sex life with Danny. At this point, that doesn’t really surprise me.
  • Mindy on life after death: “I’m Hindu. I’m like immortal or something.”
  • The line that made me stop the show to laugh: Father Michael’s confident “By next Sunday you should all know Latin.”
  • Mindy trying to get a selfie with some nuns was adorable.

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