The Mindy Project 3×18 ‘Fertility Bites’: Cousin Dan

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I was a bit surprised when I turned on this week’s episode of The Mindy Project and found that Mindy’s fertility clinic was ready to be opened. Wasn’t she planning it just a few episodes ago? I assumed that it would take much longer to open the clinic, but since this episode gave us an outraged Danny yelling about how he got Mindy pregnant, Morgan’s horrible construction skills, and Cousin Lou, I feel like I have to give it a pass. After all, if any episode has Cousin Lou, how bad can it be?

Mindy’s big problem in this episode was attracting patients to her clinic. She wasn’t exactly helped by her coworkers, who just wanted to deface/copy her clinic’s ads. Even Danny, who was extremely supportive, wasn’t able to help her much. It wasn’t his fault, Mindy was just working without any past success in the fertility field to back her up.

When her coworkers weren’t attempting to vandalize her ads, they were dealing with Dr. Bergdahl. Last episode established him as a great OB/GYN and a bad communicator. This week followed up with that, as he insulted all the support staff. I loved his plot, as Tamra, Morgan, and Beverly went on a mission to get him fired. I really hope there’s some more plots with these three in the future, as they are hilarious together. When Morgan and Tamra aren’t obsessing about their past relationship, we see what made them such good friends in the first place.

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

The revelation that Dr. Bergdahl was estranged from his wife wasn’t something that surprised me. After the way he made a point of talking about his wife, I knew that some problem with her would come up in the episode. I also didn’t buy that he would confess his marital problems to Tamra, Morgan, and Beverly. This man was so stubborn about refusing to admit his marriage had serious problems, that he was willing to live in his car. Suddenly he tells three people that he barely likes all about difficulties in his marriage?

However, these minor problems aside, this was a great episode. By providing Mindy with real problems (and Cousin Lou being involved in those problems), and giving the supporting staff of Shulman and Associates something to do, this episode was a great moment in a so far outstanding season. Let’s just see if the show can keep it up for the rest of the season.

Notes and Observations

  • “I’ve been ready since I woke up here.” Okay, someone needs to help Beverly find an apartment, stat.
  • Morgan on his new hat: “This is the longest I’ve ever gone without being hit by a car.” Now I’m just starting to think that all the staff in Shulman and Associates lead really depressing lives.
  • “We cannot have our support staff up and quit. That’s how we ended up with these guys [Morgan, Tamra, Beverly].” That actually makes a lot of sense.
  • “I did not become an OB/GYN just to deal with a bunch of whining babies!” And with that line I decided that I want Dr. Bergdahl to stay around for a long time.
  • “Everything I know about your reproductive health is a lie!” I had to pause the episode, I was laughing so hard at this comment.

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