The Mindy Project 3×16 ‘Lahiri Family Values’: NY or bust

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When The Mindy Project switched locations on us midseason, taking us from New York to California, I adored it. It allowed the show to organically work in some new characters, such as the hilarious Rob, and it made Mindy a fish out of water for a while. The character of Mindy Lahiri loved it so much she wanted to stay forever. However, I don’t think anyone (including myself) really thought the show would stay in San Francisco. So I wasn’t at all surprised that this week’s episode dealt with Mindy realizing that New York was her true home. I just wished it had made a better case for it.

My main problem with this episode was Mindy realizing that her work friends back in New York were too good to give up. They were all broken, sure, but they were still a fundamental part of her life. This might have actually worked…if the subplot of the episode didn’t deal with her work friends shunning Danny because he was moving and not actually dying.

First of all, I’m really surprised that ANYONE at Shulman and Associates believes Morgan’s word, considering how spaced out he is at times. But this is a comedy, so let’s put that aside. Even if it is plausible that everyone believed Morgan and thought Danny was dying, it’s still pretty crummy for them to get furious when they find out they were wrong. (How about a little “Yay, I’m glad you’re still going to be alive?”)

Source: Fox

Source: Fox

Secondly, it’s hard to believe Mindy is that close to the people at Shulman and Associates. She’s been openly disgusted at Morgan before, even turning down his reasonable requests for a raise (I’m not the biggest Morgan fan, but even I think he deserves a raise, with all the hints he’s been dropping about barely being able to stay alive on the salary he gets now). Mindy and Tamra have had only a few scenes together this season, and the same goes for Mindy and Beverly. Mindy doesn’t even seem that close to Jeremy. Honestly, I would have bought this plotline a lot more if Peter had still been there.

Peter was Mindy’s best friend, and was living proof to her statement that everyone at her former place of work was “damaged goods”. Peter was (by his own admission) barely employable, and yet he thrived at Shulman and Associates and became a much better person. He’s living proof as to why Mindy would want to give people second chances. Without Peter, her statement isn’t nearly as strong.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m unhappy The Mindy Project is staying in New York. After all, what would we do without Annette Castellano? I just wish the show had shown us just what Mindy saw in her coworkers that compelled her to stay. We’ve seen in past episode that they are good people – but the show forgot to remind us this time around.

Notes and Observations

  • I loved John Cho as Rishi’s boss “Big Murder” (given that name because of his success in business school). If anyone is looking for a TV recommendation right now, Cho was excellent in the short-lived series Selfie, which came out this fall.
  • I’m going to miss Neepa, Mindy’s friend who was on the show for such a short time. She was a great grounding presence to Mindy’s wild energy. I’m glad she left the show with words of wisdom to Mindy. Although Neepa was on the show for such a short amount of time, she actually made a huge difference by convincing Mindy to open up her own fertility clinic.
  • Danny talking to Mindy’s stomach is SO CUTE. SO CUTE YOU GUYS.
  • We get to see Cliff one last time, which is nice. I kind of like that he keeps showing up as a side character, considering how awkward he is with Mindy and Danny. It makes sense, due to the fact that he works in the building with them (or used to, I guess).
  • Let’s play “Guess What Gender the Baby Is?” again. I’m still going with the fact that it’s a girl, considering that everyone (but Mindy) seems convinced that it’s a boy.

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